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Michael Berry’s Choices

First off, there is this thing called plagiarism.  Michael Berry did that today.  You know that he did it purposefully because at the beginning of his show, he cited the source that he read from.  (And my GOD Michale Berry, STOP READING ON THE AIR.  You are not very good at it.)

At the bitter end of his last hour on KPRC, Michale Berry gratuitously recounted the story of a teenage suicide.  He used it for his own political advantage.  You know that Michale Berry is on the side of the bullies.  So, he read this without citation to his audience.

The Virginia boy, 16, a third-year student at the prestigious and private Groton School, was accused, along with two other boys, of harassing another student about his sexuality, according to his father, Walter Perkins. His father said he was told to come get Hunter immediately.

Within a week, Hunter Perkins would be dead.

Hunter’s father, Walter Perkins, of Chantilly, Va., said he drove 10 hours overnight to pick up his son Oct. 6 from the school’s infirmary.

Perkins said he was told his son would likely be expelled, and he was encouraged to have his son withdraw from school instead. Police were investigating. He took his son home.

The next five days would be hell for the Perkins family. Walter Perkins said he was angry with his son and the damage he had done to his future by allegedly joining with two other boys to create demeaning comics about another student.

He was trying to find another school for his son, and encouraged his son to leave Groton School, but Hunter wanted to fight any efforts to expel him. Walter Perkins said his son claimed many other students behaved the same way, and that he was being singled out.

You can listen to the whole thing or read it.  Either way, Michale Berry was being a little bitch.

Of course, there is more to the story.  It seems that the boy who killed himself might have been wrongly accused.   But that wouldn’t stop a culture warrior like Michale Berry:

The father of one of the alleged bullies told Team Five Investigates the Groton School incident involved three students, including his 16 year-old-son, Hunter Perkins, and targeted a classmate in a sexual and homophobic way.”He either doctored a photograph or put a cartoon bubble on it,” said Walter Perkins. “He said his roommate e-mailed them out. He had no idea the kid was going to do that.”

Is there no low?  Is there no bottom that Michael Berry can find?  I won’t even go into the Shelby Steele editorial Berry read today or the parodies he played.  Today Michale Berry used a teenager’s death to make his marginal point.  And looking a little closer at it, he used a partisan source.
But Michale Berry is a tough guy.  He stopped the sanctuary city policy while a city councilman.  He served in the US military in Iraq or Afghanistan.  He’s patrolled the streets of this great city.  He has 30 illegals living next door to him.  He fired a woman he never hired for being pregnant.  He rented to drug dealers and prostitutes.  (Maybe he still is.)  He adopted out of country so his kid will never know and will never be able to find his parents’ family.
Michale Berry is a true joy 🙂

Fannie is Fannie

I trapped one of the feral kittens on Tuesday and she turned out to be a she, as I had thought.  Tonight I released her.  She’s ok.  She got a little of the “you are stinky” nonsense, but the littlest kittens didn’t seem to mind her.

Now for some pics!

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Though Things Seem Bleak

I’m not giving up.

I have this little bit of hope saved and it still shines.  Please vote, even if you didn’t plan on it.  There is one more day — poll watchers from The Woodlands shouldn’t stop you.

Even though things seem dire, there are the kittens and the garden.  They make me happy.  Fannie will rejoin her family either tomorrow night or Saturday morning.

I cut all of the boards for the kitten house this afternoon.  We will build it this weekend and I will trap another of them.  In so many words, we will get a grip on the kittens.

Tammy is having some troubles, but I can deal.  Murphy wasn’t trained in a day, and I don’t mind cleaning up after her, since it means the cancer is taking over.  She’s still happy and loved.  It’s just a matter of time now.  Murphy’s love is still the thing that keeps her going.

Pics of Fannie tomorrow, promise.


Michael Berry’s Friends

One could argue that Michael Berry is a conservative.  Others could argue that he is a teabagger.  He plays both sides is what I would argue, but for this post, Michale Berry is a teabagger and these are his people.

First up, Joe Miller’s military guards at an elementary school ” arrest” a journalist.

Second, the infamous stomper.  I’m sure that Michale Berry got a boner when he saw that.  It’s the only explanation for why he didn’t talk about it.

And here is a fat man smash.  It’s uglier when you realize the man’s son is the one filming it.  They called the fat man in to weigh in.  Clown with a badge.

I’ll just put this up front: Michale Berry has never served his country.  As far as I can tell, he was and still is of enlistment age far as the military goes, but he prefers to sit on his ass and talk.

Pasty white Michale Berry also has a chip on his shoulder as far as minorities are concerned — just listen to him whine about not getting a dinky scholarship for college.  Had he served his country, that UH tuition would have been paid.

While Michale Berry talks tough, I doubt he could even rise to the violence seen in the above videos.

What does that make Michale Berry?

Chip on his shoulder WATB.

During Ike, he ate MREs in his studio.  He whined about Republicans not supporting him in his mayoral bid.  (which he lies about all the time)  He hates pregnant women.  He screams on the radio.  He lies on the radio.  He has never served his country, state, county or city.  Pasty white guy all the way — born of place and has never ever felt the need to give back — not even for the streets he drives on.

Mostly, Michale Berry wishes he was one of those guys in the videos above.


Voted Today

Roberto and I walked over to one of the early voting places today and voted.  Our state rep was out there, as was her opponent.  R shook his hand, but I just said “nice to meet you” and moved on up to shake my current reps’ hand.

There was a line — at 1:00 p.m. on a Sunday.  Once we got up to the doorway, we saw the “poll watchers.”  One was a middle-aged white guy.  He had his little notepad and pen ready.  While we were there, one guy had to fill out a form.  The election judge was strict about what the guy could do and the “poll watcher” kept his mouth shut.

When I went in to vote, I saw another “poll watcher” sitting at the end of the voter booth line.  On the way out, I saw another person who could have been a “poll watcher.”   So, perhaps there were two or three people hanging out and looking for something wrong.

It should be obvious that I live in a minority majority area.  I wonder how voters in majority white districts would feel if the same were done in their voting precincts.  King Street Patriots would cry foul if a bunch of black and brown people did what those white people did.

While the Republicans have lots of signs, I don’t think it will make a difference.  I’m feeling pretty confident that Dems will prevail.

knock knock knock, twu, twu twu.

Today Was a Good Day

I went to the Korean Festival.  While I was trying to hook up with my recently graduated students, I saw one of my former students on stage.  I knew it was him.  A few years ago, I had gone to his engagement party.  He had worked hard to get his future bride to come here.  He told me that he had had to work hard to get here to leave Korea.  I felt so honored to have been a part of his and his wife’s engagement ceremony.

Today, I found out that they have three beautiful children and I got to kiss them all on their foreheads.  Their parents have their green cards — one is a surgeon’s nurse at a major medical center.  They all must know that I support them.  I can’t explain how I feel.  I’m so happy for them.  What a wonderful family.

I found my former students without a cell.  But I need to get a cell.

I ate some great food.  I especially liked the vegi patties and the sauce on some sticky rice (not so much the sticky rice) and some pork that tasted of wood grill:)

Today was a very good day.


More Liars

I’ve run into this blogger before, I just can’t remember when.  But trust me, he is just another rumor-monger, and he links to the wingnutty chiropractor, Melissa Clouthier.  And looky here!  Who does she link to?  None other than our friends Kevin Whited and Cory Crow!

The official that they are smearing, El Franco Lee, a longtime trust official, had to set the record straight.  He didn’t yell at anyone.  You big babies.

As far as I can tell, the D.A’s office and other officials are acting on complaints quickly and making sure that everything moves smoothly.  I’m planning on voting early this weekend, but I am sorely tempted to wait until election day just to make sure none of these suburbanites come in and harass the nice people who work my precinct.

Teabaggers Behaving Badly

Here’s hoping the U.S. Justice Department and the Harris county D.A. have reigned in Jared Woodfill and the North Houston Teabaggers/Secessionists.  This silly blogger defended the woman and group behind the voter intimidation, so perhaps he defended them today?  Let’s see. . . Not really.

I’m not going to copy the email that Houston Votes got from the Teabaggers;  TPM has them here.  Lovely people, don’t you think?  Here’s another.

In all seriousness, the polls have to be watched.  And these newly branded poll watchers need to be watched as well.  It’s not surprising that they chose polling places in mostly minority neighborhoods to watch.  But don’t you dare call them racists.  It’s not surprising that they are harassing minority voters.  I’m sure they feel they have the right.

Everyone who is legally eligible should be able to vote without having some white guy on disability or out of work hanging over his or her shoulder.

Your Taxes Have Gone Down Unless Your Employer is Cheating You

I’ve been saying this for almost two years now.

Here are a couple of links for the doubtful.

Are all the teabaggers confused or have their employers been scamming them?  Given what I have heard from the teabaggers, most of them don’t pay taxes anyway and are just living off of disability payments and doing odd jobs.  Or they are bored housewives.

These are your people, Michael Berry

In yet another installation of crazy teabaggers we have Virginia Thomas.  Who is that you ask?  Just take a look at a message she left someone over the weekend:

“Good morning, Anita Hill, it’s Ginny Thomas,” said the voice, “I just wanted to reach across the airwaves and the years and ask you to consider something. I would love you to consider an apology sometime and some full explanation of why you did what you did with my husband. So give it some thought and certainly pray about this and come to understand why you did what you did. Okay have a good day.”

She and her husband are bitter people who, some 19 years later, are still acting like they have some sort of blood feud.

It’s the same thing with Michale Berry and Sheila Jackson Lee, Bill White, Jo Jones, and even Gene Green (though I think that’s just opportunistic, Berry doesn’t have the passion in his voice when he bashes Green).

Let it go, Michael.  You screwed up and shot your chance to run for mayor.  You’ll never get elected to public office again because you couldn’t be decent to the people you worked with.

You’ve already lost part of your job with Clear Channel, you’ve run off one of your employees because you brow-beat her, and your teabagger re-education camp this past weekend was a bust.  You are just embarrassing yourself at this point.

And don’t forget, high voter turnout is good for Dems, not republicans 😉