About Egypt

Does anyone remember this?

“I know it might not be safe, yet it’s either we live together, or we die together, we are all Egyptians.”

Such are the words one expects of great leaders on the battlefield, of politicians preparing a nation for war, of civic leaders rallying people for an inspiring cause.

But these are the words of Cherine Mohamed, a 50-year-old Egyptian housewife.

These words became a slogan of sorts for many brave Egyptian Muslims who chose yesterday to risk their lives in the wake of the New Year’s violence and attend Christmas Masses with their Coptic Christian brethren, serving as human shields against further potential acts of extremist violence on the Christian holy day.

A movement led by Muslim leaders and journalists, the civilian response has the heartening undertones of a civil rights struggle that transcends religious differences. It is furthermore a demonstration that because government officials in Egypt and other Muslim-majority countries have often failed to defend religious freedom, the people are taking matters into their own hands.

People in Egypt have been risking more than any keyboard commandos have — the ones who bully people without repercussions.

I offer no analysis, except that the people of Egypt have long tired of the constant state of emergency that has allowed the police state to remain in place for nearly 30 years.  I eagerly await KTRH’s sniffing rightwing nag from Egypt stock to weigh in tomorrow.  Will she laud GWB’s doctrine of imposed non-American democracy/republicanism  or will she whip the dead horse that supposedly is the Democrats?

We shall see.  I might even call in.


4 responses to “About Egypt

  1. ola (and off-topic): the rain didn’t amount to much over here but it was good to have gotten chores out of the way yesterday, in expectation of being inside today … i realize i didn’t offer any tribute to the ceramic bear but i just forgot & will do so next time … also, is Tilly still inside or has she rejoined the garden Tribe?

    • She’s still inside, though I though about letting her out this evening. I think tomorrow morning will be fine. She will have a mostly warm day to re-acquaint herself with her tribe.

      We just got enough rain to get everything wet and unworkable. I planted pepper, tomatoes and oregano inside today.

    • No sign of Tilly at dinner time. Dora was crazy aggressive just a bit ago by the edge of the house.

      That’s the last thing to happen — Dora killing Tilly. I scolded Dora and think I should do more to calm her down since she has been spiraling out of control lately. I should break out the huggie thing again.

  2. Hmmm hopefully Tilly is just under the house angry & afraid (but only temporarily) … I’ll tell the guys here to send ‘calmate, calmate’ vibes to their crazy sister …
    you guys stay warm! … have you told Tammy that it might snow?

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