It’s cold!   Ok, so it’s not THAT cold, but the closest weather bug has it at 28 degrees.

I went out back a minute ago, and Fannie ran briefly out from under the house.  I worry about all the outside kittens.  I’ve done all I can do.  I made them a house (which they haven’t used so far), fed them well, and will keep the house as warm as possible (the central heat as well as my two Vornado {not made in China} heaters are going strong).

The beds and pots with growing plants in them are covered, and all of the fruit trees have their trunks covered.

Frontline is very interesting tonight and quite distracting.  I may add to this later.


4 responses to “BRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

  1. You have certainly done right by those outside wee ones … I’m visualizing a snoring jumbly mess of kittens, safely out of the wind … is this the Frontline about coroners, autopsies, etc?

    • How I wish I could have a kitten cam on Harry! At least I would know where he is. My hope is that he has come into his own and taught the others where they can go to stay warm.

      The thermostat still says the house is at about 68 degrees — I don’t think I can get it any warmer. Everything is going full blast. My only hope is that they are in the walls.

      • I even put out the leftover food from the fatties in the house for them to eat.

        Poor kitties.

        If there were no pups, they might come in. I know it’s wrong for me to think that. They wouldn’t come in.

        I’m so worried.

    • About Frontline, yes. It was riveting. To me, it was another example of conservatives making their mark under the radar. Get elected to a post and screw everyone. Then they claim they are just doing their job. The asshole in New Orleans was the worst.

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