Waiting for the Rain

I worried over getting things done today, since it is supposed to start raining in about 30 minutes and will continue through tomorrow.   By my rather low standards, it was a successful day.

I got up before sunrise and had no coffee except for some little bag of “Christmas” coffee from the loathsome secretary at work.  I had no choice.  It tasted as bitter as she is.  Having gone to the grocery store this afternoon and replenished my supply of Community coffee, I will pour the foul stuff out.

No pictures for today because it’s all pretty boring (maybe some tomorrow).  Cleaning out the okra and three pepper plants was easy, but the beds were full of pecans and leaves, so that took a bit more effort.

I picked up heartworm and Comfortis for the pups and then headed on to Lighting Unlimited to get the fan for the garage.  While the company emailed me and stated that it was made in the USA with imported parts, I was worried.  Well, the main fan was made in Taiwan (good thing), but the globes for the lights were made in China, which bums me.  I want to get the roof repaired on the garage before I get the fan installed, but I’m having trouble finding someone.  I will keep trying.

Today, beets, parsley, radishes, and fennel went into the two cleared beds.  Everything grows so slowly this time of year.  Tomorrow, tomatoes, oregano, and hot peppers get planted inside.  I’ve got to clear a place and then set it all up.

Now, I’m just waiting for the rain, since I didn’t water the new seedlings.  I’m also going to spread gunite on the front yard to deal with the pup pee.  The rain will soak it in.

I’m not yet at the point that I have a year round producing garden, but I am close, so very close.



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