He’s a She

I took the little kitten I have held in a dog crate in the bathroom for almost two months to SNAP this morning.  Up until the 4th of this month, the kitten had had a sister to snuggle with.  Day after day went by and my attempts to tame the kitten never worked.  I was feeling guilty.  Attila, the name I had given the kitten due to its aggressiveness, turned out to be a female.  I had thought all this time she was a he.

One of my co-workers suggested Matilda as a name (along with Matty), but I like the first suggestion and her nick will be Tilly.

She’s now resting in the trap I took her in, with wet food and water.  Weather permitting, I will release her back to her tribe Sunday evening.

That leaves two more:  FatToes and Baby.  FatToes is next, as I learned today, kittens have to be three pounds and Tilly was barely four.  Baby is not near 3 pounds.

Pictures tomorrow, of not only Tilly, but also the ongoing winter garden.


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