Life Outruns Blog


I’ve been living my life and have been preoccupied with other things online (mostly trying knock out a zombie lie started by Michael Berry).

Work has been overwhelming.  I am definitely not complaining.  It’s good to have so many students.  I had some good news today — a student who was belligerent in my class and complained walked out of one of our new (but very experienced) teacher’s class, claiming to have written a research paper, without being taught, in a week’s time, and wouldn’t listen to her teacher.  Sorry, but that the woman is from Venezuela, older and weirdly focused on one theme throughout her course in our school — I’m now glad it’s not me having to deal with her elitism.

Classes are going fine and I only have one problem student — who happens to be a problem for everyone.  We will deal.

One of the quirky things about my job is that when I listen to international news, more often than not, I know someone from the country being reported on.  Most times, I can ask them about how they feel about the events in their countries.  One of my South Korean students stopped by today and we talked about just that.  It made me think about just where in the world I know people.

I think I will start by continents.

Europe:  France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Latvia

Eurasia:  Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

Middle East:  Saudi Arabia, Yemen, U.A.E., Qatar, Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria

Asia: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Mongolia, Thailand, Burma, Nepal

Africa:  Tunisia, Cote d’ivoire, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Somalia, Angola, Chad, Kenya, Tanzania

Americas:  Mexico, Guatemala,  Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia

If you are a regular person, you know you remember your teacher better than your classmates most times.

One day I will see one of my students on teevee, a leader of something.  I know it will happen.



5 responses to “Life Outruns Blog

  1. Nice post!

  2. You mock!

    I’m in a good mood.

  3. This could turn into at least a post if not a theme — focusing on the good — but not in a pollyannish way.

  4. No, I mock not! Seriously a nice post. It’s a good thing to be content, yes?

  5. Yes, it is. I’m trying to get things together.

    I thought I might go to Montalbano Lumber to see if I can find someone to do the garage roof. It’s my main problem now. I think I have to get the roof fixed before I get the fan installed.


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