A Happy, Hopeful, Ending and Beginning

Four of the Uighurs held at Gitmo for years arrived in Bermuda this past Thursday.  Articles and photos here and here.

I’m still very disappointed in Jim Webb over this.  There is a Uighurs community in Virginia very willing to take the men in.  Perhpas its all for the best.  They probably wouldn’t have had the same warm welcome there that they received in Bermuda.


3 responses to “A Happy, Hopeful, Ending and Beginning

  1. That’s true about the welcome they might receive in Bermuda as compared to Virginia, ‘old dominion’, ‘heart of Dixie’ and all that. I wonder if Cheney will start spluttering about how we should invade Bermuda since it’s now a ‘terrorist haven’.

  2. Damned at Random

    The reaction of these guys to being confined to Bermuda after years in Guantanamo reminds me of my thermodynamics professor.

    He spent the war years in a German POW camp, then walked back to Yugoslavia where the Communists imprisoned him (for reasons I no longer recall.) After years of diligent work in his field, he was given permission to present a paper at a big meeting in CHicago, where he “disappeared.” When INS contacted him by phone, he asked the agent where he was to be imprisoned and did he need to bring his own blanket. The agent hesitated for a few minutes and said- “you don’t understand- you are not to leave Dade county.” Dr J, years after, still laughed at the US version of confinement.

    All that was pre- 9/1, of course.

    • I think it is great that the Obama administration came up with this out of the box solution. Any issues with the Brit foreign office has already died down and look, Gitmo will be empty soon.

      I admire them for doing this for the Uighurs.

      I’m still disappointed in my fellow Americans for being such weiners.

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