It’s so freaking hot

People with more expertize than me say we have 10 more days of this . . . and it’s not even August.  It’s already 80 degrees by the time I leave for work around 8:00 a.m.

Everyone is lathargic except for Murphy and Peaches.  They don’t know any better.  Murphy went nuts over my watering the yard and plants last night.  Peaches waits at the door ready to pounce on any pup that makes it into her room (none ever do, though Tammy and Murph are curious about that kitten behind the door).

We’ve finally reached the end of the term.  I am glad.  If I had been assigned one of the classes I have now when I first started teaching, I would have changed professions.  It’s that bad.


One response to “It’s so freaking hot

  1. It is hot as hell, that’s for sure. I was really pleased with myself for finding a new & slightly shorter walk to the mechanic’s from work. I was drenched when I got there & had to ask for a paper towel so I could clean my glasses and dry my hands so I could write out the big fat check that would allow me to get my car and be on my way. I then racked up the a/c & ran a couple of errands (got a great collar! and some more kitten chow!) and when I finally sat down I was out of it for like 45 minutes, just staring at the opposite wall, like I was a regular in an opium den or something … I think that might be why Dora likes to bake her brains in the sun for hours on end, it’s a real cheap high!

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