Linkless Rant

I’m too tired to link tonight, and it takes too long for my dialup to load most sites.

We labored in the sun but got the puppy run path going.  (pics tomorrow?)  Neighbor came by and asked for $50.  The bank of this house was wanting, so Roberto filled in.

That I know a guy living with his dad, living hand to mouth and yappers get all bent about Letterman and Palin makes me think they live in a predominantly white master planned community outside of Houston.

I watched the news last night and tonight, no sign of Pelosi anything.  I had thought about going just to picture the protesters, but it looks like a good call to come home and stay.  Lots of fun with pups.   It’s a fail for local teabaggers.

Looks like the border people have yet another problem on their hands.


2 responses to “Linkless Rant

  1. Damned at Random

    I doubt that the high level talking heads ever knew anyone living hand to mouth- I’ve begun to notice how many of the upper echelon governmenta and media types have ivy league degrees- and most weren’t scholarship cases. And the audience doesn’t want to hear those stories because it causes them anxiety

    When there were layoff rumors on my old job, I bought an old travel trailer for $300 on the theory that I could live in it if I lost my house. Now my neighbor wants to buy it from me for the same reason (she lost her job and is behind on the mortgage).

    I’ve been yard-sailing off and on for 30 years and noticed lately that there are a lot of pretty desperate sellers- also, a lot of downsizing households that aren’t the typical retirement age types. ANd the help wanted adds are still very scant.

    • At least this guy is different from my old neighbor who would borrow money and things and then claim it was a gift or disagree about the amount owed. That was unpleasant.

      Were are not doing as bad here as in other parts of the country, but people are getting laid off.

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