The Big Lie

Having never proven impersonation, much less voter fraud, the Republicans in the Texas Senate have once again passed on to the House another bill targeted at reducing Democratic voting.

Earlier this year, a local tv station reported that Texas isn’t so red — it’s turning purple.  Elections in 2006 turned the Dallas area blue and here in Houston we have elected and re-elected a Democratic Mayor (even though the election is nonparitsan).

The big lie?  That there is an economic crisis here in Texas.  If there is, then what is the Senate thinking about by pushing this through?  All of the callers to wingnut radio are liars.

The other side of the big lie?  There really are people in Texas who are experiencing this economic crisis and the Texas Senate decides that the most important thing for them to do is address an issue that is not a problem.  When are our next elections?  Tomorrow?  Next month?  Next year?  But the Republicans seem to think this — voting  — is the most important thing on the agenda.


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