A Less Difficult Patch

Dora hasn’t growled at Tam and Murph in the yard this weekend, and I have managed to keep them all separated.

Something very sweet happened tonight.  I was brushing Tammy.  She likes it but with reservations.  Murphy decided he wanted that attention.  I started brushing him and he loved it.  Tammy wasn’t jealous — just calm.   He really enjoyed it.

I think I need to change somehting else about my routine — brushing them all seems to be a calming element.  I also want to take Murphy and maybe Tam to the dog park.  I don’t trust Dora.  I can make up the time with her through walks.

Murph somehow lost his collar this weekend.  It may be time to get him a harny like the other two.

I watched a PBS program tonight on dogs.  It made me think about Dora.  She was probably trained to hunt and then when she got hurt, someone — maybe he owner — tried to fix her, but it didn’t work.  That’s when she was let go.  The horror of her pups being taken away and then being shot at must have been horrible.  She needs me to love her.  And I do — just not in the unconditional way that I had.   I used to mad crazy love her.  I was wrong.  I cannot let her attack Tam again.  I cannot let her bite me again — ever.

I hope to make an appointment for sometime this or next week.



2 responses to “A Less Difficult Patch

  1. Damned at Random

    I forgot to mention how happy I am that you are keeping little Murph (I consider him my godpuppy). Hope the behaviorist can help with Dora.

  2. He is your godpuppy! So, can he come visit this summer? (j/k)

    I need to take some more pics of him. He is really growing up. He nips a bit, but I am trying to get him to stop. I found his kong this morning (it was hiding under the bed). He loves to jump and run — oh, and he LOVES water. It’s so fun watching him encounter new things.

    I think Dora will be ok. Of course, I worry, but so far, so good.

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