Kathleen’s Gettin’ a Gun

Typical.  The SCOTUS rules that there is an individual right to bear arms and Kathleen is afraid.

Although my Dad and brothers hunted while I was growing up and my Dad kept a handgun in the house, I never had any use for guns myself. In fact, I hated the thought of them. One of the biggest fights I ever had with my husband was when the kids were little and he brought home a gun from the house he grew up in. I did not want a gun in the house. He bought a gun safe and assured me all was safe.

I use to think the NRA types were always overblowing (sic) the assault on 2nd Amendment rights. But what is clear is that when Democrats are in charge of appointing judges, we get rulings that restrict gun rights.

So, I started looking for a gun myself. I’ve decided to get my concealed handgun permit. I actually went into a gun shop last week. I told my best friend that I know it sounds irrational, but I really have the feeling that I should be getting a gun while the getting is good. I truly feel that if the Democrats get their way, law abiding citizens will eventually not have the right to own a gun. The Democrats are in charge of Congress now and if Obama wins he will appoint radical left judges to the Supreme Court who will continue to throw out the will of the people with judicial activism. Then we are, as they say, up a creek without a paddle.

It’s not overblown and it’s not irrational to believe that might happen anymore. It is reality staring us in the face.

I guess that means she is conceding the election in November.  Otherwise, why get one?

There are probably more who think the way she does and it will make not only the Joe Horn case, but other similar cases more frequent.

A few of Kathleen’s commenters have threatened me personally in the past — she conveniently deleted all of those comments — but I feel safe with the pups I have.  Oh, and that bat.    And while Dora has a problem with Tam now, if someone tried to put one toe on my property, I’ve got three rather large dogs who have proven they will protect us.  I see it this way:  no stranger can turn Dora, Tammy or Murphy against me.  The bat is questionable, but I’m sure it’s loyal to me — being a baseball fan in good standing.  Get a gun?  Not an option ever.

Thankfully, this is a big city and I doubt Kathleen and I would ever cross paths — if she ever pulled her gun on me, I’d easily take it from her.  I’m sure that’s nothing she’s thought about.

So, you go girl.  Get that gun and the training involved.  And remember you did it out of spite.


7 responses to “Kathleen’s Gettin’ a Gun

  1. ** Thankfully, this is a big city and I doubt Kathleen and I would ever cross paths — if she ever pulled her gun on me, I’d easily take it from her. I’m sure that’s nothing she’s thought about. **

    I would hope not.

    You surely do realize how nutty this imagined scenario sounds, right?

  2. Kevin, I know myself. I have successfully fought back people who wanted to rob/hurt me without using a gun in this country and over seas. So, yeah, I see how her getting a gun would make all of us safer. /snark

  3. And yes, I could easily take it away from her. I’m quite sure that I have been in more life threatening situations than she has.

  4. Damned at Random

    My husband does some gunsmithing so there are always guns in the house. The odds of my grabbing one in a crisis that was 1) loaded and 2) functional are not good. I think the baseball bat is my best bet unless I’m willing to trust a bluff.

  5. Americans over romanticize guns. Reading Cormac McCarthy over the years has reinforced my belief that more guns = more violence.

    I just find Kathleen’s reasoning to be ridiculous — not that that is out of the ordinary for her.

  6. Damned at Random

    You really got it right there, Michelle. Americans do romanticize guns – when I was a kid it was westerns with the hero and villian meeting on s dusty street and justice was done. Now its the action movies with hundreds of bodies piled up and justice is done– ahh, sometimes. What is missing is the pain and suffering aspect that you see every weekend in a big city ER. TV and movie violence is verges on pornographic in its presentation- the victim is not the focus, the plot line moves on. True crime shows are the same- they interview the victim’s loved ones, who have pretty much moved on, however large the gap in their lives, but the story is about the manhunt, not the victim and survivors.

    I also think the TV news emphasis on violent crime makes people overestimate the danger in their own lives. I’m pretty typically middle class, I think, not particularly sheltered. But in my life, I’ve personally known only one murder victim and he was killed by his wife’s old boyfriend. Also, a friend’s father was murdered (by a neighbor)some years before we met, so I don’t count that. Stranger violence in particular is not the hugh threat people seem to think it is.

  7. Part of it is also geography — some places are more lawless than others.

    And you are correct about stranger violence — dying in a car accident is much more likely for most — though I hate thinking about that sort of thing.

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