Puppy Girls Have a Date

Olga and Polly will have their first opportunity to show their puppy charms this Saturday.   Hopefully they will find their forever families.

Since I’ve had them separated, they have been much easier to deal with.  Obviously two happy puppies are less overwhelming than four.  I let them visit each other for a short time and noticed something that was evident when we first found them (but less so than when they were all together):  Murphy and Polly connect with each other and Olga and Emiliano do the same.  Their personalities match up that way, too.

Polly and Murphy were the drainpipe pups.  They are the most wary.  Polly is still a very complex girl.  I took her out on the leash for a bit yesterday and while she scampered around a little, she ended up just sitting in the grass, looking around and smelling.  I tried to tug her by the leash, but she wouldn’t budge.  Murphy is the opposite of Polly, but that’s why they stick together, I think.  Murphy wears his emotions on the outside.  He’s definitely the baby.

Olga and Emiliano are comparatively calm.  Olga is completely alpha dog.  She’s not afraid and runs with abandon.  She is extremely clever and has had that self-awareness in her eyes for a while now.  Emiliano is more reserved, but is also the biggest.  He’s a little shy and sometimes afraid, but he is a gentle, old soul.  He looks absolutely regal with the white blaze on his chest.

I’ll miss them, of course.  I know that they will be loving members of their new families.


5 responses to “Puppy Girls Have a Date

  1. damned at random


    You made it possible for the pups to find good homes instead of being frightened little strays with no future.

    My hope is Polly will be the cherished friend to a lonely child and Olga go to a rowdy, happy home.

    Good luck on Saturday

  2. Thanks so much. I’m really proud of them. And I share your hope — we’ll see what happens on Sat.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. I hope they find the perfect homes. You are so patient and clear headed when it comes to them. I admire that.
    Are you thinking you might keep one?
    Are you on break? Hope so.

  4. Where will you and the pups be on Saturday? I would love to see them.

  5. They’ll be at the Friends of BARC monthly meet and greet. It’s at 1136 Heights Blvd., from 10-3. If you have the chance to stop by, it would be great to see you!

    anne marie — on break? just the opposite — finals, leveling start right back in next week . . . bleh.

    I’m probably not going to keep one — Dora and Tammy are being pretty firm about the whole thing . . . and as you know they are large and persuasive in their own ways. . .

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