This Election is Heating Up

Not only is the Democratic Presidential primary neck and neck (and quite contentious), but the local Dem races are more interesting than they have been in a long time.

First I got a call from Henry Cisneros, and then another from the Clinton office.  Later in the week, Michelle Obama called.  This past Sunday, a neighbor called on behalf of Obama and I picked up the phone and spoke with her.  (My plan now is to vote for Edwards — he’s still on the ballot here — and then see what’s up at the caucus.)  Today, Hillary Clinton called and left a message.  Also, Edwards announced today that he and Elizabeth will join a new effort to end the occupation is Iraq — based on the cost of the occupation vs. what needs to be done and paid attention to here at home.

I can’t decide.  Obama getting the nomination would bring me some satisfaction for the work I did for Jesse Jackson in 1988.  (See this comment for an illustration of why I would like for him to win.)  But Hillary’s still fighting when so many are against her.  I admire that.  There’s another week to think about it for me — which is, in and of itself, refreshing.

I wrote about one local earlier.  I wholeheartedly support Jessica Farrarfor state rep.  She’s hardworking and the perfect match for Dan Patrick.  For U.S. Senator, I’m going with Rick Noriega.  (ZOMG!  Will John Cornyn try to link him with that guy who used to run Panama and is now in a U.S. prison thanks to George H. W. Bush?  Probably.)  The other choice I have made is for the 190th District Court.  I’m going with Andres Pereira.  He’s got Garnet Coleman’s support, is bilingual, and is young.  He answers a Charles Kuffner questionnaire here.

I’ve got to research the rest.


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