Tx-22 Republican Debate

Houston KRTK tv had a debate with the 10 willing Republicans (Pete Olsen said no and got poked for it, as is the Republican way).

I don’t think Nick Lampson has much to worry about.  I have watched half of the debate and taken notes.  (I’ll write more about it tomorrow.)  It’s mostly just the candidates pushing the same tired Republican lines — but with a few exceptions.

They all want to build a wall across the border with Mexico — whether the landowners want it or not.  There was a hit on funding the NEA (always a winner with wingnuts) by Cynthia Dunbar — who is probably a flat earther/earth is 6000 years old type involved in education.  She deserves a bit more research and probably a reasonable person to run against her for whatever seat she holds.

Shelley was there.  And smiling and annoying.  She and others pointed out the Pete Olsen is in WASHINGTON DC.  ZOMG!!!  As Mr. Squier pointed out, TX-22 is a Republican seat and should go back to being Republican.  What they forget is that Tom DeLay, their mentor, made the district more Democratic in his bargain with redistricting.  It’s not a solid Republican district anymore. 

It must be very difficult to look at the writing on the wall.

Added:  Brian Klock wants to scare you:



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