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White Guy Fucks It up for All . . . Again

There’s quite the population on death row here in Texas, but it just takes one White Guy to take away something that all of the others before him, mostly not white, have had, at the least:  a last meal.

The man who, along with three others, dragged a man to his death, ordered a lot of food and then refused it just before he was put to death.  All of the other poor souls who have been executed — both guilty and not — have had the decency to ask for and then eat the last dinner they were served.  However, because one white man, and presumed McCain and Bush voter, decided to make a point, every  other person in his position in the future will not have the thing he decided would piss people off.  And it did.

A simple solution to this would be life sentences.  The solution taken was mass punishment all because of a spiteful petty white guy.

Way to go White Guys.  You’ve made everything so great for all of us.


Who’s Gonna Be on the Republican’s Senate Committee?

While the Dems have come out with their own, I’m just itching to see who Mitch the waddle picks.  Let’s see:

John McCain

Joe Lieberman

Marco Rubio

That’s my picks.  I mean seriously, Republicans are polling lower than pedophiles at this point.

Update:  All six are white guys.  Damn, I had even given them the benefit of the doubt.  The Republican party is the white guy party, completely.


Today was a GOOD Day

I listened to C-Span this morning instead of KUHF.

That the Dream Act didn’t pass was a really sad moment, but then came the DADT cloture vote, and I was relieved.

Later in the morning, my mom and one of my nieces got over a big HAHAHA on me when I thought I was late to the party today.  This is the Saturday that we come together to recreate the recipes of my grandmothers — women my three nieces never got to meet in person, but whom they get to meet through food.

It became apparent midway through that I was into it more than anyone else.

I helped (a lot) with the sugar cookies and made the icing, found the food coloring and pointed out that my sister had an excellent idea (she released her hostility for a moment after that (KUMBAYAH  and all that).

I then made cheese stuffed chilies.  Breaded with flour and cornmeal.  While everyone else chopped my freaking tomatoes that I grew in my backyard without any chemicals, and onions and shredded some lettuce.

At one point, I dropped a bowl of sugar, flour and starch into a bowl of hot milk, and shouted.

Nobody cared.

I wailed.

Nobody care.

My brother walked over and stood right next to me as I asked for help, hot milk and sugar water splashed all over me and finally asked if I needed help.


I reminded them of the time poor old granny took a dive on the kitchen floor and I was the only one who came to her rescue.

I probably didn’t score any long term points with that, but I did get instant self-conscious laughs.

There’s more about how SANTA hurt the poor little girl who made cookies for him, after having hated him for her entire life and my sister over-reacting to a handful of words I said to her.  UGH.

But when I got home, I checked in here and saw that DADT was history.

The wingnuts on the radio I listen to try to make out like the House shifting to the Dems in 2006 caused the economic problems.  I know why they do that.  There are lots of people on the left that forget how long it took to get Franken into office.

This went down just as President Obama had asked.  Just vote to repeal DADT.

That DREAM didn’t get through today, well, Reid is still working the Senate and working it hard.   It could come up again.

i have hope.

I Found the Idiot and Other Tales from a Sunday

The Excalibur Dehydrator is also a nice heater.  Even though it was cold out, I didn’t turn the heat on until about 9 p.m.  Of course, I had a little heater in Mommy’s room, since she is in recovery (she’s ready to get out, but has to wait until tomorrow evening).

I’ve dehydrated about 10 bananas, 4  pineapples, 4 mangoes, almost 2 lbs. of cranberries, and now a 5lb. bag of apples in the dehydrator.   I got anxious ( I hate how much time that eats up — I’m better now)  earlier today that it wouldn’t be enough to fill all of the decorative bowls for my colleagues, so I got some stuff to make some oat granola to stretch it out.  I’ll write more about and add pics from my dehydrating adventures later.

Remember when Michael Berry used the Medal of Honor “winner” to disparage the president?  Well, I found the guy who claims to have written the erroneous and idiotic email.   He’s very proud of himself and even gets in a dig at SJL.   While my comments on the video still stand, he’s deleted almost all of the ones I made on his youtube channel page (I’m kgirlhost).  He’s a liar and a coward.  Who would have thought?  He claims to have served our country, but I doubt it.  Perhaps he is his community whiner, or perhaps he is a King Street Patriot or Tenther.  I don’t know.  But for sure, he is someone who cloys to a hero and tries to make the hero’s cause into his own, much like his other hero Michael Berry does.

More Liars

I’ve run into this blogger before, I just can’t remember when.  But trust me, he is just another rumor-monger, and he links to the wingnutty chiropractor, Melissa Clouthier.  And looky here!  Who does she link to?  None other than our friends Kevin Whited and Cory Crow!

The official that they are smearing, El Franco Lee, a longtime trust official, had to set the record straight.  He didn’t yell at anyone.  You big babies.

As far as I can tell, the D.A’s office and other officials are acting on complaints quickly and making sure that everything moves smoothly.  I’m planning on voting early this weekend, but I am sorely tempted to wait until election day just to make sure none of these suburbanites come in and harass the nice people who work my precinct.

This is What People like Michale Berry Do Not Get

Today, Michale Berry spent his time on the radio crying about how President Obama didn’t go speak to the homophobic Boy Scouts organization.  (The fact that Berry supports Perry for gov and Perry “wrote” a book about the Scouts might have something to do with that.)  Of course he got a dig in at Sheila Jackson Lee and Bill White, but most of the time he was mocking black people.  You can get a pretty good idea of how Berry feels about black people from how he tries to mock the way he THINKS they all talk.

(I has  a SAD.  I couldn’t get my audios file up.  Just listen here and see if you don’t get what I’m talking about.)

(Curious how few callers he had) — Michale hopes that his listeners accept his excuse that he had so many things to talk about.  But really, Michale is just filling time.  Nobody really calls anymore.  Not even me.

Let’s put this in perspective.  Today a man who was wrongly convicted of rape TWENTY SEVEN YEARS AGO was not released (on bond?  why is there any bond or anything?) as scheduled.  Why?  He got a little pissed off at being shackled hand and foot, so he spends yet another night in jail for nothing.  This is how black Americans have been treated for years.  You behave — even if all of us were wrong and you were right — you BEHAVE!  It’s disgusting.  I’m pretty sure my choice for the inevitable Republican for District Attorney (Jim Leitner) wouldn’t have made this mistake.

It’s a well known, though little talked about fact that the “law and order” Republicans see the justice system as a way to reduce the number of black Americans able to vote.  Their thinking goes along the lines of hit black Americans with everything available and legislate even more ways to make sure a good percentage of blacks get caught up in the penal system.  If a few whites do too, well they represent a larger group and their punishment can be reduced based on the offense.

Just look at how long it took to black farmers to finally (maybe not, sadly, again) to get a settlement from the USDA.  Show me the white farmers with the same grievances.  Oh yeah, they are all of the wealthy farmers living of of government subsidies and bellyaching about the Bush tax cuts expiring.  Right.

I’ve written about this sort of thing before, but not nearly as much as I should have.

This makes me very angry and very sad at the same time.  Listening to Michale Berry today mock black people — while claiming that he didn’t have enough time to get to all of his supposed topics — just made me mad.

And then I realized something.  Michale Berry doesn’t care about black people singularly or in general.  Michale Berry cares about Michale Berry.  Anything he says will not reflect badly on the Republican party because he’s no longer a real player — except to be a handmaiden to Glenn Beck.  In other words, he’s just a tool.  A means to an end.

And so, I don’t feel so angry or mad because you know what?  I can mock him here on my little blog and he links to it and Kevin Whited links to it and every one of their readers turn out to be lame numskull cowards — or paid lackeys.

Here I am.  I support the Innocence Project.  I support the Southern Poverty Law Center.  I support LULAC and La Raza.  And the NAACP.  And Amnesty International and UNICEF.

I don’t support Texas Direct Auto, Gulf Coast Siding, and now IKEA (learn something new every day), or Houston Siding, nor any of the other people who peddle in the hope of making a buck off of the racist audience of Michale Berry.

Gah (vomit) in listening to him to capture the audio I forgot how he falsely accused a Spanish speaker of focusing on Spanish pronunciation.

This and That Again

Let me repeat, I hate (because I’m bad at it) blog titles.

In a little over a week, I will be on vacation.  YaY!  I’m taking more time this break because I have plans for the house and garden.  I will take pics to chronicle it.  Planting is not in the picture, but seedlings inside are.  I’ve got one more bed to lay in and a new compost pile.  Since it looks like all pond pumps are made in China, I’m opting for a no pump pond.  It’s a pity, since I got the electrician to put in a specific plug for a pump.   Perhaps if I keep looking, I will find a pump not made in China.  I will keep looking.

What about Man Talk at the 950 here in Houston.  On the upside, “Outlaw Dave” was nominated for best Houston talker by Houston Press.  (Sorry Michale!)  I thought about voting, but I don’t care.  If the Houston Press awarded not only Michale Berry, but a dead blog, I don’t think my vote will count much.

At any rate, the Man Talk 950 people on Facebook are complaining about the reruns — which they did again today.  Monday morning was supposed to be Chris baker from Minnesota again but they skipped that after the disaster that was Friday morning and just played MANCOW.

I know that Michale Berry lost his job managing one station.  Will managing the 950 be next?  He’s turning people off.

Michale doesn’t have the reach nor “talent” of Glenn Beck — Beck is going to march on Washington on August 28th, Michale is going to eat oiled seafood over Labor Day (while mocking the people he meets).  There is no comparison.

Michale once mentioned that someone asked him to go national.  He said he declined, but the fact is he never will.  Just listen in when he subs for Mark Levin.   He’s as tame as docile dog.  But hey, Michale is a born self-promoter and there must be something in this AM (dying, changing to Latinos music) radio for him.  Here’s just going to be a day late and a dollar short.  As always.

I wonder, at times, why my readership spikes.  It always seems to be Michale Berry supporters, but since the last time they waded in these waters, none of them are brave enough to comment.

I also wonder about this Berry Brigade to harass people, whether for good or bad.  Is Michale just trying to catch a tiger and get the same people who called all their congress people last summer to do what he wants them to?

I don’t think that will work twice.

My prediction:  Michale Berry will keep running old shows on the 950.  Pags and Dave will get mad and leave for another station, and the 950 will just be reruns (!) and their web site will just be boobs.

You heard it here first!