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Some Video Links Plus Added Rants

I don’t get this. He doesn’t really say anything and his pronoun references are completely vague.  It looks like someone in the GOP lower levels is trying to push the NJ gov for prez.  What about Rick Perry!!!!1!!1!1!

Sarah Palin gets put on the spot.  I can think of quite a number of people more qualified to yap about the oil spill.  Michael Berry isn’t one of them.

White male Seattle idiot police officer punches a young black woman in the face. Commenters say she deserved it.  It’s hard to watch.  I don’t think I could have stood there and just recorded it. Cops can just be criminals with guns.  One Bellaire cop shot a pro baseball player and got off — nothing happened to him.  Michael Berry blamed the baseball player’s mother for the shooting.  FAIR ENOUGH?

Related:  Pasty white boy gets ruffed up by 68 year old.  The same people showing there “balls” about a cop punching a 19 year old black girl get misty-eyed and cry Assault!!!!  Assault!!!!! when it’s one of their own.  These people are insufferable.

Lastly, I am SICK of pasty white people telling African Americans that this that or the other is their problem.  As I have said again and again, why can’t all of the pasty white concern trolls take a look at their own poor white folks and fix that?   Michael Berry and Bill Bennett need to quit acting like they’re black and get with taking care of all of the poor whites.  Wouldn’t that be novel?

Pasty white guy wants drug testing.  Who is going to pay for that?  Does the Utah Senator have some interest in a drug testing kit company?  Does the Utah Senator have a problem with people who are down on their luck?  I’d like to see him submit to a drug test on the teevee first.  Dick.

Lastly, I’m about ready to build a Mexico City style wall around my damn house.  Someone put the nicely bundled vegetation I had ready to go for next month’s green pick up by the city in my recycle cart, destroying the very expensive new freaking green yard waste bag I had ready in the process.  Whoever it was left my recycle cart in the middle of the driveway, too.  Oh, and whoever it was, cut up my Lantana, too.

Dicks — all of them.


Jokes and Pee-wee Soccer

Oh, and “The Messiah” blasphemy.  That’s Ruth Marcus and David Brooks.  Of course, they both disagree with two undisputed foreign policy experts.

Zbigniew Brzezinski and Walter Russell Mead were interview on The News Hour tonight about President Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.  It was an insightful interview, and Brzezinski in particular felt that this could help the President in working with Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iran.

However, Brooks pronounced it a joke and that it just encourages “The Messiah” image of the President.  (He said much the same on NPR earlier.)  Marcus compared his receiving the prized to pee-wee soccer.

So whose opinions should carry more weight?

Washington week in review is on next.  I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of smug poo-pooing by the journalists.  Perhaps I shouldn’t prejudge them.

Before that gets started though, let me just say, I am proud of our president and proud of us for electing him.  He’s on the right course and has kept moving forward, despite having the largest set of concern trolls ever in history.