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So Many Ideas, So Little Time

I am BEAT.  This first week of classes has already taken it out of me, and I have a new game “Garden Defense” that I had to master, and the tomatoes had to be defended and the peppers and beans watered because we have no rain and did I say that I have a love/hate relationship with email?

First up, I must say that defending torture while Christian and Republican is no easy thing, but Kathleen McKinley is so pro-torture it hurts.

Second, will someone take a clue bat to Perry and Cornyn?   The Feds have already been successfully helping calm the wildfires.  Asking for cheap money for your friends is a bridge too far, idiots.  Whining about it is way too far.  PLEASE STOP EMBARRASSING US.  It’s enough that even a simpleton can see that you all are being hypocritical, but sisters please.

Third, while my state peeps are embarrassing me, my fed types are up in your face.  President Obama is and might I say has been doing this shit up right.  From day one.  Imagine if you will, had he only had to lead, instead of clean up and lead . . . that’s what the next four years are looking like.

Forth, I used to live across the street from an HPD officer who stole money from undocumented workers.  He got relieved without pay and then fired.  As I have said before, cops are just the flip-side of criminals.  That radio talk types fellate cops without question is a no-brainer.

Lastly, I love the way Obama has left the radio talker types spluttering.  I also love that this stupid poll is stupid.

I’ve got to finally email my mom all of the Easter pics and Mother’s Day is Sunday, and I have to take Tammy and Murphy into the vet, and it’s just now the time to plant more tomatoes, and I have so many ideas for my garden, and I am sleepy.


Yes, She Went There

Rely on our SPARKLE to advocate torture.

I wanted to be funny, but it is quite sad that there is a fringe in our country that thinks it is ok to do things that we — meaning our country — have found so wrong that we executed people for it.

“Yeah, we waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed,”

so says GWB

This is one area that most of Obama’s critics don’t get.  It’s not that the U.S. doesn’t or has never tortured anyone — it’s that torture is bad all the way around.  It doesn’t produce actionable intel.  It makes the survivors revengeful.  It is beneath this country at this point.

I bet holidays at the Bush house are torture for the old man.  Can you just see W slapping the old man on the back and saying, “I got two terms!  I got Saddam’s gun!”  Poor Poppy and Bar.

Getting Their Kicks In

It’s just one lawyer’s report, but I am more inclined to believe the Gitmo detainees’ attorneys at this point than I am to doubt them.

Abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay has worsened sharply since President Barack Obama took office as prison guards “get their kicks in” before the camp is closed, according to a lawyer who represents detainees.


He stressed the mistreatment did not appear to be directed from above, but was an initiative undertaken by frustrated U.S. army and navy jailers on the ground. It did not seem to be a reaction against the election of Obama, a Democrat who has pledged to close the prison camp within a year, but rather a realization that there was little time remaining before the last 241 detainees, all Muslim, are released.

“It’s ‘hey, let’s have our fun while we can,'” said Ghappour, who helped secure the release this week of Binyam Mohamed, a British resident freed from Guantanamo Bay after more than four years in detention without trial or charge.

“I can’t really imagine why you would get your kicks from abusing prisoners, but certainly, having spoken to certain guards who have been injured in Iraq, who indirectly or directly blame my clients for their injuries and the trauma they have suffered, it’s not too difficult to put two and two together.”

Attorney General Holder visited Gitmo and, well, wasn’t shown anything that would make him say that things are bad there, but what surprise is there in that?  It makes me especially suspicious when a known liar like Senator Inhofe says this:

“I believe as more time goes by there is a chance the administration will grow to realize that we need Gitmo and must keep it open. More time will allow facts to replace political rhetoric,” said Inhofe, who is pushing legislation seeking to bar any Guantanamo detainees from coming to the U.S.

And the latest boogey-man that the torturers-by-proxy trotted out?  He’s backin Saudi Arabia, courtesy of the Yemeni government.  I doubt that he will be scratched off the list of the supposed “return to the battlefield” former Gitmo detainees.

For context, I have written about the effect torturinghas on the people who commit it.  Unfortunately, it looks like American torturers are secure in their righteousness.  (But not all of them, of course.)  I have the feeling that the people running Gitmo were specially picked for that duty.