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If Romney Gets 61% of the White People’s Vote, He Wins

That’s what he is aiming for.


It’s the Little Things

. . . that make me happy.

First, the bad son next door was booted out by the larger family after the old man — my friend — was found down by the bayou in the wee hours of the morning by cops.  Last straw, as it were.  I was so relieved when I heard the news.  Yesterday evening, a couple of family members took the old guy out for a walk.  He was clean and well dressed, cared for, unlike how the bad son had treated him.  It was good to see.

The mommy kitten has returned.  I hope she stays around.  The three girls who are left seem much happier since the fence went in.  No their only trouble is the crazy squirrels.  If Tilly ever caught one, I don’t know what she would do with it.  I doubt she ever will because Baby Girl always joins in late and is not a very good hunter and ruins it all.

I planted lettuce from seeds I collected from the last crop.  It’s all in the new-ish bed left from the fence experience.  I’ve got mint and onion seeds incubating inside.

The PBS series Prohibition is very good.

Republicans are getting all race-y in their in-fighting.  They can try to hang this on the press or the president, but I think they are going to piss a lot of people off.

And then there’s WHITE HISTORY MONTH.  How do you celebrate?


Keep It Focused on Policy

It’s a well worn refrain with Republicans these days, these days since President Obama was elected.

Why is it then that that this focus always falls on African-Americans?  It is the excuse given by all of talk radio from Limbaugh on down to the morning Joes we have here in Houston.  Dick Cheney took particular aim at two people in his book — the only two African-Americans in Bush’s cabinet.

Draw your own conclusions.  I’ve drawn mine.

Teabaggers: No one likes you, No one wants to be you

The most recent polls on teabaggers show that only 12%, or maybe 25% claim to be them.  Of course, a large number of these people seem to reside in the greater Houston area:  Kevin Whited, Cory, that fat guy, King Street Patriots, Michael Berry, KTRH, KPRC radio.  Joe PagLIARulo is in San Antonio, which is a satellite for the baggers.

AM radio’s listenership is down, much like support for the teabaggers.

With the Republicans fighting over 12% of the electorate, that seems to leave about 88% for President Obama.


I’ll Just Post this with NO COMMENT (or not)

The new Israeli-American President said today:

So if Israel simply walked out of the territories, the flow of weapons into a future Palestinian state would be unchecked. And missiles fired from it could reach virtually every home in Israel in less than a minute.

I want you to think about that, too. Imagine there’s a siren going on now, and we have less than 60 seconds to find shelter from an incoming rocket.

Would you live that way? Do you think anybody can live that way?

Well, we’re not going to live that way, either.

Our New Israeli-American President doesn’t understand what is happening in the country right now.  More Americans have died in the current turbulent weather and in Iraq and Afghanistan than have Israelis from anything, what ever the source.  And yet, ALL, I repeat ALL of our politicians, except for President Obama, applauded this bully.  I can’t understand it.  At all.  I am so disappointed I can’t even express it.

More?  You want more?  Our new Israeli President had this to say:

So it’s therefore vital, absolutely vital, that a Palestinian state be fully demilitarized.

And it’s vital, absolutely vital, that Israel maintain a long-term military presence along the Jordan River.

Ah yes, President Bibi, you have nuclear weapons, and other nations cannot have those same nuclear weapons.  NOT A SINGLE ONE.  They have lived with your having the bomb and selling it to your friends — the apartheid South Africans  — and outside of the regulation regimes — for many many years now.

The Palestinians must be demilitarized?  Why?  So you can crush them all with your bulldozers and heavy equipment and your nukes paid for with my tax dollars?

I think not.

I am with the president (Obama) on this.  I don’t really care about the plight of American Jews going to Israel and calling our president a nigger.


Stupid Old White Guys and Deja Vu All Over Again

Mercy, can we have a top of the news story that isn’t about an idiot old white guy and 49 or so of his cohorts?  I think the news here in warm Houston will be more and more about Boomers and their problems.   No, I’m not talking about the poor man who was tied up for three days.  That wasn’t the lead story.  It was some poor old white male boomer who paid a bill that wasn’t a bill . . . because he couldn’t figure out it wasn’t a bill.

I got the same thing in the mail.  It was easy to figure out.  I don’t even know the name of the city councilperson who apologized, but of course that was political . . . pandering to the idiot factor.

In other splash news, Chris Baker claimed credit for the Rick Perry buzz started yesterday.  “Reportedly” Perry is waiting to be “summoned” to run for president.  This sounds much like W holding court and receiving people before he ran.  An example:

 Tuesday, it was the ambassador and the foreign minister of Qatar, an oil-rich Arab nation, who dropped by to chat with Mr. Bush.

“A courtesy call,” the Republican governor said Tuesday. “Nothing specific.”

Mr. Bush, a front-runner in some polls for the 2000 GOP presidential nomination, has seen an escalating stream of national and international visitors in recent months.

“The speculation seems to have caused more governments to send their ambassadors my way,” he said.

While Mr. Bush is a hot property among some Republicans who want him to run, he insists he hasn’t decided whether to seek the presidency. A decision on whether he will form an exploratory committee is expected at the beginning of March, Bush associates say.

Also visiting Tuesday was former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. He stopped by the governor’s Capitol office and then watched from the House gallery as Mr. Bush addressed a joint session of the Legislature at a ceremony honoring the military.

Mr. Mulroney led Canada’s Parliament at the same time the governor’s father was in the White House. Monday night, Mr. Mulroney was in Houston where he had dinner with former President George and Barbara Bush.

The governor said Tuesday that he and Mr. Mulroney had talked politics, but Mr. Bush declined to say whether the former prime minister had urged him to seek the presidency.

“We talked generally,” said Mr. Bush. “He believes that it’s important for the Republican Party to unify. He’s worried that the party would tend to shatter on certain issues as opposed to unify on issues.”

Last week, Mr. Bush was visited by Britain’s Conservative Party leader, William Hague. And last month, Argentine President Carlo Menem came to Austin, where he and the governor got together on a local golf course.

The Qatar delegation Tuesday was the foreign minister, Sheik Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al-Thani, and the ambassador, Saad M. Al-Kobaisi.

In addition to international guests, legislative delegations from New Jersey and Iowa have come to Austin in recent weeks to discuss the prospects of a Bush presidential bid.

Perry and company are trying to make it happen again.

Oh fuck, my Michael Berry Blast is “SJL riding a bicycle.”

Jesus wept.

“I’m Michael Berry from KTRH”

So some company — awnings which are notorious for leaking — decided to get MB to do a teevee commercial for them.  I’m sure Tom Tynan is laughing his ass off.   I sure am.

YaY Texas!

This is depressing.  We elected a man in Perry who claims to not want government help, but more people in Texas are on government support in this state than any other.  Most of them are white people.

I’m sure Kathleen or dadude will say that black people need more help to become Republicans, or something.

Why Can’t Michael Berry Check His Facts? Or is it That He Won’t?

Thanks to all of you who have sent an email to Michael Berry. Keep it up! He still won’t admit that he was wrong, or that he opportunistically politicized what was a very honorable ceremony.

Update:  Very clear photo of parents in front row here.

Second Update:  Just to make it clear:

For the feeble, this is a photo of the parents, just to show that they are the people in the front row.

Here’s Michael Berry contact info.  He’s a liar.  Let him know it.

Michael Berry read this email on the air not once, but twice, and he didn’t see anything wrong with it.  I’m thinking it is more of the “you made me think that about you so it’s your fault” sort of mind-game that he is known for.  It concerns the Medal of Honor Ceremony that was held today at the White House.  Before I get to nonsense of Michael Berry, let me just say that Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta is an honorable and very brave man and I hate that someone like Michael Berry, who never served, saw fit to denigrate what happened today.   That the denigration was a complete fabrication makes it even worse.  Michael Berry’s masculine insecurity knows no bounds.

Here’s Berry:

This Salvatore Giunta, this story I find the humility of the man, compared not just to Barack Hussien Obama, but compared to that class of clowns in the United States Congress, the humility of the man.  “I’m just an average soldier.”  That’s what he said.  And the woman on 60 Minutes with the cute accent said, “You’re average?”  “Yeah.””Well, who would be a great soldier, what about the great soldiers?”  “Yeah, image how great they must be.”  I mean that’s pretty strong, that’s really strong.

Humility is not a desirable attribute in talk radio, so it’s good to know that Berry recognizes it in his betters.  Berry goes on:

I said yesterday that he erroneously that he won the medal of honor.  You don’t win the medal of honor.  You receive it.  It’s my error, but there’s an email that came in, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Lance Corporal Clayton, and he wrote, “Michael, I had the honor of watching one of America’s true heroes receive the nation’s highest honor today.  Something that many people think you win, but it’s really not won like a trophy or prize, the medal of honor is not something someone sets out to receive, because the act of which it takes to get, it is typically so big that you do not survive, which is why there have been nine, I believe the last nine have been given to people posthumously.  I mean to the families.”

If you listen to Berry, those last couple of sentences sound ad libbed.  I don’t think he got any such email — or — he didn’t clarify when he was reading and when he was editorializing.  The next sentence is why I think it’s the former:

This is the first living medal of honor winner since Vietnam.

I thought they weren’t “winners” but rather recipients.  Didn’t Lance Corporal Clayton just scold Berry for saying just that?  Smells fishy to me.

This being said the highest respect should be paid to those who do receive it, and all should honor that person.  Today while watching Staff Sargent Giunta stand there waiting, I couldn’t help but think about his family and question where they were, and why they weren’t there in the front row along with the soldiers that were with him during the altercation.

Lance Corporal Clayton, respectfully, they are in the front row.

That woman with the long blond hair in the front row?  That’s his wife.  The other people are his family.

At the end of the ceremony, the President started shaking the hands of all the congressmen in the front two rows and chatting it up with them.

Lance Corporal Clayton (or should I say Michael Berry?), the people the President was shaking hands with were Medal of Honor recipients.

But who cares?  It sounds good!  And it gets better!

It wasn’t until he reached the third row that he was actually to the point of where the family had been.

Wrong side of the room, idiot.

What’s this, more confusion about who is where?  That always works on RADIO.

I even notice that one of the family members was a World War II  vet and probably couldn’t see because of all the goons in front of him.

Let’s see.  President Obama acknowledges the families of the men Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta tried to save.  And who are the “goons” in front of them?  The Staff Sergeant’s family.

What can I say, it’s misdirection all around.

All the soldiers were further back, on a different side, back behind everyone else.

That everyone else being Medal of Honor “winners”.

I guess my question to you is, am I viewing this wrong?


Is this just another show of how disrespectful he is toward the heroes of our nation, the true heroes of our nation?


Should the families and soldiers been in the front, shouldn’t the families and soldiers been in the front, ahead of the others that he rubs elbows with every day and as a Marine this completely disgusts me.   But before any of those non-deserving should have been at least been the family, in my opinion.

The family of Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta was in front, so what is Michael Berry going on about?  The only people in front of his fellow soldiers were Medal of Honor recipients, so who is this guy — whoever it is — talking about?

Oh, it must be Michelle Obama and Secretary Gates, as you can see.  Right?

That’s seemingly the end of Berry’s “reading of the email” and now we are into Berry’s “own” thoughts:

And that’s so true.  Who put the United States Congressmen who’ve done exactly nothing on the front two rows and then there’s his family on the third row?

No one because they weren’t there.

And the family of the two soldiers who died and whose lives he was working to save, which is why he received the medal of honor, you put them back on the third row.

Because his family was in the first two rows.

They gave the ultimate measure of commitment to our nation and they’re on the third row, behind the Democrats in Congress.

No, they were behind the family of the man being honored.

If there is a more fitting example of the hubris and arrogance and lack of respect for every-day Americans than that photograph,

Which photograph would that be, Michael?  You said you got an email supposedly from someone who had watched the ceremony, not just looked at some picture.  You made an assumption, didn’t you Michael Berry, and you think you can sully every last thing this president does.  Well you can’t.

Congressmen on the first two rows, and the honest descent every-day families who’ve lost loved ones in Afghanistan at a ceremony to honor their loved ones, on the third row.  If there is a more fitting picture for what’s wrong in this country, I can’t imagine what it is.

This is what is wrong with this country.  People like Michael Berry.  There were no Congress people there, and had there been, and had they wanted to honor Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, so what?  The people in the front rows were previous “winners” and military officials and the First Lady.

Just so you know, Michael Berry took no calls that whole hour, even though he spent most of it railing about the new topic de jure.  There’s a reason for that.

Lying Liars Lie, AMIRITE?

Michael Berry’s Choices

First off, there is this thing called plagiarism.  Michael Berry did that today.  You know that he did it purposefully because at the beginning of his show, he cited the source that he read from.  (And my GOD Michale Berry, STOP READING ON THE AIR.  You are not very good at it.)

At the bitter end of his last hour on KPRC, Michale Berry gratuitously recounted the story of a teenage suicide.  He used it for his own political advantage.  You know that Michale Berry is on the side of the bullies.  So, he read this without citation to his audience.

The Virginia boy, 16, a third-year student at the prestigious and private Groton School, was accused, along with two other boys, of harassing another student about his sexuality, according to his father, Walter Perkins. His father said he was told to come get Hunter immediately.

Within a week, Hunter Perkins would be dead.

Hunter’s father, Walter Perkins, of Chantilly, Va., said he drove 10 hours overnight to pick up his son Oct. 6 from the school’s infirmary.

Perkins said he was told his son would likely be expelled, and he was encouraged to have his son withdraw from school instead. Police were investigating. He took his son home.

The next five days would be hell for the Perkins family. Walter Perkins said he was angry with his son and the damage he had done to his future by allegedly joining with two other boys to create demeaning comics about another student.

He was trying to find another school for his son, and encouraged his son to leave Groton School, but Hunter wanted to fight any efforts to expel him. Walter Perkins said his son claimed many other students behaved the same way, and that he was being singled out.

You can listen to the whole thing or read it.  Either way, Michale Berry was being a little bitch.

Of course, there is more to the story.  It seems that the boy who killed himself might have been wrongly accused.   But that wouldn’t stop a culture warrior like Michale Berry:

The father of one of the alleged bullies told Team Five Investigates the Groton School incident involved three students, including his 16 year-old-son, Hunter Perkins, and targeted a classmate in a sexual and homophobic way.”He either doctored a photograph or put a cartoon bubble on it,” said Walter Perkins. “He said his roommate e-mailed them out. He had no idea the kid was going to do that.”

Is there no low?  Is there no bottom that Michael Berry can find?  I won’t even go into the Shelby Steele editorial Berry read today or the parodies he played.  Today Michale Berry used a teenager’s death to make his marginal point.  And looking a little closer at it, he used a partisan source.
But Michale Berry is a tough guy.  He stopped the sanctuary city policy while a city councilman.  He served in the US military in Iraq or Afghanistan.  He’s patrolled the streets of this great city.  He has 30 illegals living next door to him.  He fired a woman he never hired for being pregnant.  He rented to drug dealers and prostitutes.  (Maybe he still is.)  He adopted out of country so his kid will never know and will never be able to find his parents’ family.
Michale Berry is a true joy 🙂