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O.K. I’m Soled

Shoes.  I’m not a shoe person.  Usually when I buy a pair of shoes, I wish I had bought 3 or 4 pair for when I wear them out and can’t find them anymore.

I think I found my shoe company.  It is soleRebels.  I really like this purple pair and will probably choose a pair before the year is out.

The shoes are made in Ethiopia by NON sweatshop workers.  It’s a good deal and kind of — or explicitly another anti-crazy fashion footwear, which after seeing my 70+ year old mom’s feet recently, makes me feel like I an on the right path.

Why women torture the things that help them move around to the point that they are almost crippled in old age for the sole reason of keeping up with fashion puzzles me.

Point being, I’ve worn some Sketchers that look not so unlike these shoes for the past year and these look better made.  I don’t really care if I look like I’m wearing my house shoes to work.  I’m not and I know it.  And these shoes look really comfortable.



I have a dilemma

The weekend before Christmas or somewhere around in there, my family had our cooking day, and when I left the house, I left one lamp and a little radio on.  Just to keep the pups company.  When I got home neither was on.  I checked the power cord, etc. and the plug is dead.  I can deal for now, but I would rather have it working.

I paid in advance earlier this year to have an outdoor ceiling fan installed in my garage without actually having the ceiling fan because I wanted to find one NOT made in China.  Well since the plug went out, I did some more research and just couldn’t find one. I wanted to call the electrician out to change the plug and install the fan.   I pulled the trigger on a very cheap fan and hoping that the vagueness of the website would turn out to be something not made in China.  It arrived and I was wrong.

I haven’t called the electrician yet.  Today I see that a question I left on a fan maker’s web site was answered.   Their fans are manufactured in the USA of imported parts.  I can live with that.  The company is Fanimation.  I can get that fan, along with a light kit, for just a little more than I paid for the Chinese one.  I could get it online or I found a local store that sells their products.  The problem is that I have already gotten rid of all the paperwork for the fan I bought.

In writing this post, I think I should check Amazon again.  I bought it there, along with signing up for some special thingy that got me free shipping which I don’t need anymore, but maybe it has something about returns. . .

Even though I’ve already broken down the box the fan came in, I still have the one the dehydrator came in, so I could send it back.  I’ll figure this out by Friday.

Today was a rain day.  Poor miserable outside kittens.   Tomorrow won’t be such a rain day, so I can clean the garage and work in the yard.  Friday will be another rain day, so I can go out and look at fans, mail back the fan I have if I can and look into some crushed gravel for the walkways between the beds.

If I can’t send the fan back, I’ll sell it, along with the tiller and generator in the spring.