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“127 Hours”

I saw an ad for this movie today — and I want to see it.  It’s about the guy —Aron Ralston — who had to cut part of his own arm off to survive.  Here’s a link to the trailer.  It’s directed by Danny Boyle, the same guy who did Shallow Grave and Trainspotting.

It will be in Houston on November 19th.



The Road

I had hoped there wouldn’t be a movie of this, but with the success of “No Country for Old Men” I half expected it.

Anyone who has read all of Cormac McCarthy must feel the same way.  “The Road” is brutal.  It takes the reality of “Blood Meridian” and applies it to our current situation.

Yes, I’ll go see it.  Viggo’s face on the paperback in the supermarket today sold me.