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Dick Cheney Coward Who Knew?

I’m sure all of the chicken-hawks crowing about Marines and their guns are fully behind Dick Cheney finding Canada too dangerous to visit.



The Reason the GOP is So Insistent on Voter Suppression

They can’t even run their own party elections right.

Remember, they screwed Santorum.  Remember they screwed up in Maine.  That’s just off the top of my head.  Why on earth do we elect them to take care of voting here in Texas when they can’t even secure the property?

OMG Radio’s Stupidest Picture

Radio, mostly talk radio, is well known for its idiotic portraits, but this one takes the cake:

Does this have doofus written all over it or what?  There is nothing worse than a hanger-on know nothing about music person wearing a shirt that shows he knows nothing about music.   This is embarrassing.

And to think this idiot has people who hang on his every word every day, from early in the morning to late in the evening.  If his boy Rick Perry had done better, he would probably be doing better.  As it is, his book will never be published, he will remain a clown and my god, he will be an idiot.

I challenge even Kevin Whited to explain this photo to me.  Kevin?  Cory?

It’s the Little Things

. . . that make me happy.

First, the bad son next door was booted out by the larger family after the old man — my friend — was found down by the bayou in the wee hours of the morning by cops.  Last straw, as it were.  I was so relieved when I heard the news.  Yesterday evening, a couple of family members took the old guy out for a walk.  He was clean and well dressed, cared for, unlike how the bad son had treated him.  It was good to see.

The mommy kitten has returned.  I hope she stays around.  The three girls who are left seem much happier since the fence went in.  No their only trouble is the crazy squirrels.  If Tilly ever caught one, I don’t know what she would do with it.  I doubt she ever will because Baby Girl always joins in late and is not a very good hunter and ruins it all.

I planted lettuce from seeds I collected from the last crop.  It’s all in the new-ish bed left from the fence experience.  I’ve got mint and onion seeds incubating inside.

The PBS series Prohibition is very good.

Republicans are getting all race-y in their in-fighting.  They can try to hang this on the press or the president, but I think they are going to piss a lot of people off.

And then there’s WHITE HISTORY MONTH.  How do you celebrate?

Why Didn’t Perry Debate Bill White?

That should now be clear.

I don’t know why Perry’s people didn’t keep him out of the race until this spate of debates were over.  Seriously, why not let these debates pass and then become the savior candidate?   Was he worried about the Johnson guy from New Mexico?

Now, the death cheering, military booing crowd wants Chris Christy.  And what will that bring?  More of the same.  The usual suspects, Michael Berry, Chris Baker, Kevin Whited, and Cory whatshisname will poo poo Perry now, but just wait for them to defend him once this debate this is over and Perry can go out and stump on hay bales (very expensive now).

The dance these four do is more entertaining than anything they try to cook up about immigrants or businesses or their insider baseball on republican politics.


White Guy Fucks It up for All . . . Again

There’s quite the population on death row here in Texas, but it just takes one White Guy to take away something that all of the others before him, mostly not white, have had, at the least:  a last meal.

The man who, along with three others, dragged a man to his death, ordered a lot of food and then refused it just before he was put to death.  All of the other poor souls who have been executed — both guilty and not — have had the decency to ask for and then eat the last dinner they were served.  However, because one white man, and presumed McCain and Bush voter, decided to make a point, every  other person in his position in the future will not have the thing he decided would piss people off.  And it did.

A simple solution to this would be life sentences.  The solution taken was mass punishment all because of a spiteful petty white guy.

Way to go White Guys.  You’ve made everything so great for all of us.

I’m Relieved that 9/11 Falls on a Sunday This 10th Anniversary

Yes, like almost all Americans and most people on the planet with televisions on 9/11/2001, I remember where I was and what I was doing and what happened on that day.

I remember hearing about it on the radio (NPR) and then turning on the television (I never watch it in the morning) just in time to see the second plane hit.

I went on to work.  We went on with classes.  After every class, I ran back to my office to check what was on the internet.  I saw one tower collapse.  I was horrified.

We later heard a rumor that all of our Saudi students stood up and left class.  That didn’t happen and to this day, I shun the woman who spread it.  She caused me more trouble over the years, though not so much these days, but I have despised her from that time like no other person, save for Dick Cheney.

I’m glad this anniversary is on a Sunday.

I’m also glad that Dick Cheney was unable to turn the day into some jingoistic holiday parade day, as he tried to do.

I am grateful that this administration has embraced what those directly affected by the events of that day did and have done instead:  make this a day of service.

I resent and loathe those who use what happened on that day to browbeat others into doing what was clearly a mistake with catastrophic results.  That Dick Cheney still walks this earth while little girls in Iraq, humanitarians, decent human beings have been blown to smithereens, shot dead by our troops and forced from their homes, reassures me that there is no GOD.  What happened with my government in the 7 1/2 years after 9/11, the cost in lives, in families, in economics, in political will, is just devastating.

(As a side note — Cindy Lauper seems to have  just fucked up the National Anthem — wingnuts will go nuts.)

I remember how people who were only tangentially affected by what happened (they were Americans) browbeat those of us directly affected (I know someone who worked in the towers, the new visa system affected my job detrimentally).  They are the same ones cheering on Cheney with his book tour and still telling anyone who will listen that getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a good thing.

All I can ask is, at what cost?  Stronger leaders in the Middle East have been toppled at a bargain to the West.  No lives lost.

That’s what I mean by bargain.

So many lives lost and wasted.  So much money spent.  So much energy wasted.  So many people still convinced that invading Iraq was right.

No.  It was just what I feared:  a way for W to get that gun of Saddam’s and show his daddy something.  That’s it.  That’s all Iraq was about.

Sorry, so sorry to all of the men and women who had no choice but to follow orders.   Almost all served with honor.  Some did not.  Some should never have served.  With some we just exported our problems.  Some would have killed Americans, had they not been in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Some did kill Americans anyway (remember Pat Tillman).  If all military personnel were honorable, we would not have military police or a military justice system.

Again, I’m glad this 10th anniversary fell on a Sunday — only a Saturday could have been better.

The fall out from Bush is still with us.  It’s the sticky shit on my plants, the fires that are burning, the haze in the air, the lives still being lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, the debt that is used as an excuse to drowned our president, the anxiety felt in every part of our economy.

Thanks W.  You fucked shit up just right.  That you can bring yourself to participate in any 9/11 ceremony just shows that it was all about you and your daddy.  What excuse Dick Cheney has, I don’t know.  Perhaps he is just a son of a bitch.