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Hoping for Violence

Yesterday I watched the beginnings of each Sunday yap show just to see if they were going to go with the “violence” line in Haiti.  It wouldn’t be a natural disaster — especially involving black people if it didn’t involve violence.

Jack Tapper was the worst.  He repeated a story about how one supposed looter was dealt with.  Each one of the Sunday hosts, without fail, asked about violence.

It’s easy to draw a line between people caring enough to donate and then portraying the recipients as lawless.

I listened to Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity (only for an hour) Chris Baker, and Michael Berry today while working in the yard.  None of them are able to separate themselves from each other.  They are constantly either on the attack or on the defense, or both.

I had gotten a bit unable to listen to the stuff they spew, but I have recovered and am able to listen all the way through again except for Hannity.  I can’t quite take his speech patterns for more than 30 minutes or so.  If I had to talk like that every day — I would bore myself.

From the U.S. Forces report I heard early Saturday morning to the report I saw tonight on the News Hour, it looks like Haitians are organizing themselves into groups and protecting themselves.  And being patient.  They could teach some people.

And one last thing — as far as the merits of government vs. faith based help — if the faith based help was so good, why have they been in Haiti for so long without fixing the problems?

As for tonight, I will go to sleep thinking about the woman who was pulled from the rubble today.   I hope the trained groups on the ground there keep looking for survivors.

I hope the people on the cruise ships who flicked off the disaster get food poisoning.

That’s harsh.


Good Resource Thread

I showed my ass during the elections at this blog, so I don’t comment there anymore, but I read it every day.  It had been lacking in the great links it had before 2008, but this particular thread is full of good ideas and links and resources wrt Haiti.

So I will link to it.  I will try not to comment on it.

While I would like to join that community, I am too independent (not a good quality for getting blog hits — but hey, I’m not in it for the money:) for it.  And some of that blog’s commenters drive me crazy.

In the end, there are good links there for how even people who have no money can help with Haiti.

The PBS News Hour was almost all about Haiti — one thing a latched onto was the hope that with this disaster, we can start anew.  My heart goes out to the people there.  I will do what I can here.

I remember when I worked at a crappy law office on Main street here in Houston.  There was a window out onto the street where people had to come in order to get buzzed in through the door.  One day a man from Haiti came by and asked for help.  I can’t remember what I did.  I just remember him.

One problem with this blog thing is that I don’t have all of my beliefs in particular situations online.  Que terrible.

My brain is fried.  It’s been a long week and there is still tomorrow.  There is every reason to think that tomorrow will be just as bad or worse for the people of Haiti.

May tomorrow, or even tonight, bring hope to them.