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Nice Knowing Ya

The asteroid tomorrow

What was that thing we all said back in the ’80’s?



Just Wondering

Work is busy, and with the kittens and the garden and all of the other things going on, I was just wondering how much effect talk radio has on votes.

Past elections, even the recent primaries at least here in Texas make me doubt their efficacy.

While all of the local Republican talk stations have supported Perry (and he won the primary), I don’t think that’s saying much.  The Tea Party people tried to take on the Republican party here in Texas and were defeated.  The only exception might be they guy up for Tax Assessor, but he wasn’t championed by the talk radio clique.  They were able to get their establishment Republicans on the ballot and now try to be Teabaggers.  It’s more than a little embarrassing — and sad for the Teabaggers.  They couldn’t even capture the Harris County Republican chairman.

Dan Patrick hasn’t done so well in getting his pet candidates elected — they all seem to be crazy.

Michale Berry decides that he will die on his sword fighting SJL and Bill White.  I still think that the anti-incumbent wave will hit Perry in the face and talk radio will go down in flames again (knock knock knock, twu, twu twu).

Back in 2008, all of talk radio, both national and local was against John McCain.  He still won the nomination quite easily.

In 2006, talk radio defeated their own people on immigration, but just like with Afghanistan, took their eyes off the ball and lost the House.

Michale Berry claims to have the largest listening audience at 5:00 drive time in the city, and yet he can only muster 15K people on his Facebook, despite flogging it every day.  And that’s in a city of 3 million +.  His station is 11th in the area and that means that the other talk radio stations are below that.

I just wonder if there is anyone listening who could be convinced.  Sean Hannity claims to have people who are call in.  (Or at least he used to.)  I don’t listen to Limbaugh or Hannity much anymore, mostly because they have just been repeating themselves for three years now and they didn’t prove effectual in the last two elections, so why bother?

I’m beginning to think the same thing about local talk radio.  It’s the same old thing.  “Government Cheese” (Reagan!).  Does anyone even remember what that was about?  It reveals a lot about their audience.  “Save our freedoms and our liberties!”  Please, if nothing else, they have had a field day.

I’m just wondering . . . could this vision of grandeur be something that is just that?  The Teabaggers have been defeated here in Texas — I can’t see them forgetting what Michale Berry, Pat Grey and Glenn Beck did to them anytime soon.  Elsewhere in the country they have to defend some of the most extreme candidates since David Duke.

I’m actually cautiously optimistic about next month.


Doing Michael Berry’s Job for Him

Last week, Michael Berry of local radio’s Clear Channel stations, stated that he doesn’t work on the weekends.  While it’s always been obvious, it was more so this weekend.

Berry’s sniffling host when the Astos aren’t playing/after the game for 2 or fewer hours on Sundays, Lores Rizcalla, isn’t familiar with her local co-workers, specifically Chris Tritico, who does what she does, but on Saturdays, and who has also been with the station for a lot longer than she has.  I see this as a failure of management.  Seriously, Berry should spend less time trying to get me to go out to lunch with him and more time on introducing his talent to each other.

Today Lores actually agreed with a caller complaining about Tritico being a Democrat and advising that listeners should just turn their radios off when he comes on.  Michael?  Hello?  I don’t blame Lores.  She can’t be expected to familiarize herself with the programming of the station she works for.  Seriously, it’s too much to ask her to follow baseball on Sundays so she might know if a game gets rained out and she might need to come in.  I lay the blame for that at Michael Berry’s feet.  As we all know, an employee’s failure is a reflection on management.

But never fear!  I have alerted Michael to the problem, and I assure you, he will remedy it.

Now, what he will do about the person choosing the bumper music for Lores is quite another matter.  Today that person chose the American Idol elimination song to end Lores’ show.