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This Shit is Serious

You know Clear Channel is shaking in its boots when they pull both Michael Berry’s Facebook and Twitter spots.  (Clear Channel makes their personalities flog those two links like nothing else.)

I wouldn’t be surprised if the man is wiped clean from the KTRH site by the morning.  You know, like Clear Channel did with Chris Baker 🙂

This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.


Clear Channel Texas Goes Off the Deep End

As happens at certain — unusually holiday — times of year, Clear Channel has made some changes.  Here’s my favorite quote:

We heard from KTRH listeners that they wanted more of the Michael Berry Show, and our goal is to provide listeners with programming they want to hear.

Yes, that’s all Houston, San Antonio, Portland, and all the other cities (supposedly being expanded to) need is more Michael Berry.

As someone whose job requires quite a bit of talking, I can sympathize — no empathize — with how Michael Berry will eventually feel about hearing the sound of his own voice.  Unless, of course, that is the sweetest sound to his own ears.  As for me, shutting up for a reprieve is always looked forward to, being that I am not quite so into myself as Berry probably is into himself.

I feel a little sorry for Joe PagLIARulo.  He’s doing everything right 🙂  He’s even on Talkers Magazine list (Number  57!!!!!  Michael Berry doesn’t even make the list.  Damn, even Chris Baker is on there!) and has subbed for Glenn Beck!  But who is Clear Channel going with to expand?  Michael Berry.

Yes, that same Michael Berry who has hoodwinked Depelchin into letting him do spots for their adoptions, even though he can’t find nery a one American kid to adopt.

Yes, that Michael Berry who has spent the last few months (years?) decrying libertarians and now he is one.  (Take that Chris Baker!)

Yes, that Michael Berry who was stupid enough to let Dan Patrick, of all people, take over the Republican mantle in the Houston area because . . . well I don’t know why.

I still hope to get a galley copy of his new book whenever it is eventually published.  It will already be out of date, much like all of his other tactics.  Face it Berry, Dan Patrick has lapped you several times over.

Why Didn’t Perry Debate Bill White?

That should now be clear.

I don’t know why Perry’s people didn’t keep him out of the race until this spate of debates were over.  Seriously, why not let these debates pass and then become the savior candidate?   Was he worried about the Johnson guy from New Mexico?

Now, the death cheering, military booing crowd wants Chris Christy.  And what will that bring?  More of the same.  The usual suspects, Michael Berry, Chris Baker, Kevin Whited, and Cory whatshisname will poo poo Perry now, but just wait for them to defend him once this debate this is over and Perry can go out and stump on hay bales (very expensive now).

The dance these four do is more entertaining than anything they try to cook up about immigrants or businesses or their insider baseball on republican politics.


White Guy Fucks It up for All . . . Again

There’s quite the population on death row here in Texas, but it just takes one White Guy to take away something that all of the others before him, mostly not white, have had, at the least:  a last meal.

The man who, along with three others, dragged a man to his death, ordered a lot of food and then refused it just before he was put to death.  All of the other poor souls who have been executed — both guilty and not — have had the decency to ask for and then eat the last dinner they were served.  However, because one white man, and presumed McCain and Bush voter, decided to make a point, every  other person in his position in the future will not have the thing he decided would piss people off.  And it did.

A simple solution to this would be life sentences.  The solution taken was mass punishment all because of a spiteful petty white guy.

Way to go White Guys.  You’ve made everything so great for all of us.

Stupid Old White Guys and Deja Vu All Over Again

Mercy, can we have a top of the news story that isn’t about an idiot old white guy and 49 or so of his cohorts?  I think the news here in warm Houston will be more and more about Boomers and their problems.   No, I’m not talking about the poor man who was tied up for three days.  That wasn’t the lead story.  It was some poor old white male boomer who paid a bill that wasn’t a bill . . . because he couldn’t figure out it wasn’t a bill.

I got the same thing in the mail.  It was easy to figure out.  I don’t even know the name of the city councilperson who apologized, but of course that was political . . . pandering to the idiot factor.

In other splash news, Chris Baker claimed credit for the Rick Perry buzz started yesterday.  “Reportedly” Perry is waiting to be “summoned” to run for president.  This sounds much like W holding court and receiving people before he ran.  An example:

 Tuesday, it was the ambassador and the foreign minister of Qatar, an oil-rich Arab nation, who dropped by to chat with Mr. Bush.

“A courtesy call,” the Republican governor said Tuesday. “Nothing specific.”

Mr. Bush, a front-runner in some polls for the 2000 GOP presidential nomination, has seen an escalating stream of national and international visitors in recent months.

“The speculation seems to have caused more governments to send their ambassadors my way,” he said.

While Mr. Bush is a hot property among some Republicans who want him to run, he insists he hasn’t decided whether to seek the presidency. A decision on whether he will form an exploratory committee is expected at the beginning of March, Bush associates say.

Also visiting Tuesday was former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. He stopped by the governor’s Capitol office and then watched from the House gallery as Mr. Bush addressed a joint session of the Legislature at a ceremony honoring the military.

Mr. Mulroney led Canada’s Parliament at the same time the governor’s father was in the White House. Monday night, Mr. Mulroney was in Houston where he had dinner with former President George and Barbara Bush.

The governor said Tuesday that he and Mr. Mulroney had talked politics, but Mr. Bush declined to say whether the former prime minister had urged him to seek the presidency.

“We talked generally,” said Mr. Bush. “He believes that it’s important for the Republican Party to unify. He’s worried that the party would tend to shatter on certain issues as opposed to unify on issues.”

Last week, Mr. Bush was visited by Britain’s Conservative Party leader, William Hague. And last month, Argentine President Carlo Menem came to Austin, where he and the governor got together on a local golf course.

The Qatar delegation Tuesday was the foreign minister, Sheik Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al-Thani, and the ambassador, Saad M. Al-Kobaisi.

In addition to international guests, legislative delegations from New Jersey and Iowa have come to Austin in recent weeks to discuss the prospects of a Bush presidential bid.

Perry and company are trying to make it happen again.

Oh fuck, my Michael Berry Blast is “SJL riding a bicycle.”

Jesus wept.

Sad News for Michael Berry (I’m Laughing Inside)

Poor Michael Berry.  He’s got more Facebook friends than Joe PagLIARulo, he’s been on the air here in Houston longer, and he’s expanded to Portland, Baton Rouge and San Antonio, but Joe PagLIARulo has bested him in the worst possible way:  PagLIARulo made Talkers Magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” this year and Michael Berry didn’t.  Hell, even Chris Baker made Talkers top 250.  Michael Berry is nowhere to be found.  (Joe PagLIARulo also made a suspiciously similar list at another outfit — both have the exact same disclaimer.  Smells like wingnut wellfare to me.)

I remember when Michael Berry was crying about how many people were worrying over Joel Osteen’s wife throwing a fit on an airplane while talking about the same for three hours.

That was before Joe PagLIARulo was even in Houston.

Michael Berry tries so hard, but Joe PagLIARulo just coasts by him.  I wonder if it has anything to do with where each of them adopted their kids from.  There is really no other explanation for this, except that Joe PagLIARulo paid someone a bit more and got rewarded.  They are both equally loathsome.

In other news:  I’M ON VACATION!!11!!!!!11!!!!1!

Too Funny — Chris Barker is Back on Houston Radio, but It’s Way Too Funny

To set this straight:  Chris Baker couldn’t negotiate a deal with Martini and the people at KPRC/Clear Channel.  That happened last November.  Then he couldn’t negotiate a deal with the Clear Channel people in Minneapolis (he’s still there as of today).

He states that he, “chose to put myself in a position to be ready for the media of the future, while at the same time providing security for my family. My next opportunity does just that and I am very excited.”

He’s on KSEV for two hours a day and it’s not even his own show.  Patrick called into Baker’s show today, and despite owning the danm station and knowing how radio works — supposedly — Patrick was blathering on without stop while Baker tried to get him to shut up.  It was ugly radio.  Did I feel sorry for Baker?  No.

So Chris Baker is on a station that is little more than a ham radio signal.  But he’s going face to face with Michael Berry for Czar of Texas radio.  Let the drive to the bottom begin!