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Listening to Hannity

He’s in full rant about Speaker of the House Pelosi with his new mantra about what she knew about torture and when she knew it.  He’s advertising that he’ll have a timeline on his show tonight.  I wonder if it will look anything like this.

Earlier he read from Karl Rove’s WSJ op-ed today.

If Mrs. Pelosi considers the enhanced interrogation techniques to be torture, didn’t she have a responsibility to complain at the time, introduce legislation to end the practices, or attempt to deny funding for the CIA’s use of them? If she knew what was going on and did nothing, does that make her an accessory to a crime of torture, as many Democrats are calling enhanced interrogation?

For the past hour, Hannity has been playing fast and loose with time.  He keeps implying that Pelosi had a lot more power than she did at the time this all happened.  He’s calling for a special prosecutor and for Pelosi to testify under oath (something Hannity never demanded of Bush or Cheney, surprise surprise.)  And gees, now he’s talking to Dick Morris.

Every Republican/Conservative has wanted Pelosi out since she took office.  they are getting ahead of themselves here, I think.

From the comments at Ballon Juice, there might be a an underlying, alternative outcome of this whole thing.  I read about it right when Obama released the memos:  that the torture was not done to protect the country, but rather to justify the invasion of Iraq.

Yes, let’s have a true commission, or a special counsel as Hannity wants.

Now Dick Morris is lying about how the FBI found out about Jose Padilla.  Now who are you going to believe, Dick Morris, or the guy who got the information?

Update:  Hannity has repeatedly called Eric Holder a coward.  That’s just too cute by half.  Here’s how Hannity does cya.

Have you ever noticed that it’s always a special edition of the Sean Hannity Show?

Update Update:  Hannity is going to far.  He thinks Pelosi is shaking because she is lying.  He says  Pelosi is politicizing it.  Irony?  Dead.

My God.  Father Coughlin was  . . .   My God.  This is more than shameful.

Update Update Update:  She’s third in line.  Hannity et al WANT her to be shaking.

In the end, this will work out.

Another Compare and Contrast — This time regarding Condi Rice’s encounter at Stanford

A video of Condi Rice (embedded in several links) answering a Stanford student’s question on torture was making the rounds last week.  Most of the commentary characterizes Rice’s responses and demeanor as increasingly hostile and at one point she “pulls a Nixon.”

The next day, Scott Horton (someone I admire) took apart each of Rice’s points.  Horton ends his post with this:

So I score this: Stanford student 6, Rice 0. Rice needs to do some homework before her next appearance on campus. But first perhaps she’d better hire a good lawyer.

Then this morning, a whole different group of posts shows up.  Here are a few quotes:

If everyou needed further proof of the “person of color” America really needs in charge right now, I urge you to watch this fabulous YouTube footage of the magnificent Condoleezza Rice being ambushed by left-liberal students at Stanford University with a series of “difficult” questions about torture, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and US foreign policy under George W Bush. (Hat tip: Andrew Hamilton.)

It’s too bad we no longer have adults leading this country.

Watch ouralways classy, former SOS take on Stanford University progressive liberal know-it-all students, and put their sound byte educated selves in their place during an impromptu “interrogation” about torture, Gitmo, etal. This woman doesn’t parse words, straddle fences, and she sure doesn’t back down…. and still remains the lady thru and thru.

My personal favorite? The part about why the Club Gitmo tribunals were delayed.

Condi Rice disembowels a sniveling liberal puppy from Stanford University

I sure miss having grownups in positions of authority.

The phony “torture” rhetoric moonbats have been pushing is going to blow up in their self-righteous faces when their policies inevitably lead to an attack that will make 9/11 look like a fender-bender. They will be complicit in the bloodshed, and everyone will know it.

The factis we saw what they would have done, and it would have ulimately led to more attacks on US soil.

For me at least, it the difference between reason (Scott Horton) and cheer leading (the other links).

Surprised? I’m not.

Psychologists apparently got paid a good deal of money in the torture racket of the Buah administration.  Even just the little that I have read about torture, mental health professionals have always been involved, to their discredit.  I particulalry remember what happened in South Africa, but it’s no different than what we have here. (Bonus shooting the messenger from a torture apologist who worked for McCain.) Oh and, don’t miss the crazy in the comments at the links.

On a related point, regular church goers also have less of a problem with torture than people like me.

It’s not really irony anymore.  I shake my head in shame.

A Solution to the Torture Issue

I admit it might be a bit hard, but could we just resolve to not do anything to others — no matter their status — that we have convicted others of doing — no excuses.

Could we please convict people of crimes that we have convicted others of before?

Could someone — sorry it can’t be me, but I promise to sustain it when I retire — irritate the hell out of Cheney for the rest of his life?

Yeah, I’d like that transparency to include all the spook stuff.  There is no reason for all of the self perpetuating secrecy crap.  Let’s just deal honestly with our fellow planeteers already, all right?

Why Fight Back?

For every tit there is a tat.  For all we know, torture worked and so we have become the enemy. With all of the “apologizing,” I guess some have lost their way.  We are not special.  I would argue we never have been.

But there is a spark of hope:  Obama is at 65% in the Gallup poll; he’s doing ok in the Pew poll; of course Rass has him at +6, just to make it look bad.

But give anyone a chance to jump on Biden, and they will take it.  I’d say let’s look again in July.

Talk radio is pro-torture, pro-excuse, pro-banana republic.  Yeah, I listened to it all today.

Some Satisfaction for Cambodians, at Long Last

Thirty years later, meaning that the man on trial today was approximately 32-36 years old when he tortured his fellow citizens, Kaing Guek Eav apologized for what he had done.

It has been a long wait for the families of the victims.  At least now they may be able to learn what happened to their loved ones, or the whys or hows of the whole thing.

Trials and truth commissions have helped other countries come to terms with atrocities committed by citizens upon their fellow citizens.

I’ve always thought that the reason so many Americans have felt comfortable with so-called “enhanced interrogation” techniques is solely because it wasn’t Americans doing it to other Americans.

Getting Their Kicks In

It’s just one lawyer’s report, but I am more inclined to believe the Gitmo detainees’ attorneys at this point than I am to doubt them.

Abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay has worsened sharply since President Barack Obama took office as prison guards “get their kicks in” before the camp is closed, according to a lawyer who represents detainees.


He stressed the mistreatment did not appear to be directed from above, but was an initiative undertaken by frustrated U.S. army and navy jailers on the ground. It did not seem to be a reaction against the election of Obama, a Democrat who has pledged to close the prison camp within a year, but rather a realization that there was little time remaining before the last 241 detainees, all Muslim, are released.

“It’s ‘hey, let’s have our fun while we can,'” said Ghappour, who helped secure the release this week of Binyam Mohamed, a British resident freed from Guantanamo Bay after more than four years in detention without trial or charge.

“I can’t really imagine why you would get your kicks from abusing prisoners, but certainly, having spoken to certain guards who have been injured in Iraq, who indirectly or directly blame my clients for their injuries and the trauma they have suffered, it’s not too difficult to put two and two together.”

Attorney General Holder visited Gitmo and, well, wasn’t shown anything that would make him say that things are bad there, but what surprise is there in that?  It makes me especially suspicious when a known liar like Senator Inhofe says this:

“I believe as more time goes by there is a chance the administration will grow to realize that we need Gitmo and must keep it open. More time will allow facts to replace political rhetoric,” said Inhofe, who is pushing legislation seeking to bar any Guantanamo detainees from coming to the U.S.

And the latest boogey-man that the torturers-by-proxy trotted out?  He’s backin Saudi Arabia, courtesy of the Yemeni government.  I doubt that he will be scratched off the list of the supposed “return to the battlefield” former Gitmo detainees.

For context, I have written about the effect torturinghas on the people who commit it.  Unfortunately, it looks like American torturers are secure in their righteousness.  (But not all of them, of course.)  I have the feeling that the people running Gitmo were specially picked for that duty.