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Red, White and Blue — 11/10/06 version

I love this show.  One reason is because the hosts let their guests talk.  I bet if I went to the trouble of counting the number of words or the amount of time given to hosts vs. guests, it would reflect better ratios than any of the Sunday morning shows.  In addition, for local politics, they have all other outlets beat — hands down IMHO.

Tonight, the guests were Garnet Coleman and Tom Pauken.  Let’s see, do you know either of them?  Ok, that might not be a fair question since Garnet is from Houston and was a leader in the Killer D’s who valiantly tried to stop Tom DeLay’s redistricting efforts and Tom Pauken is the former head of the state republicans and is now living off of governor Perry by being the head of a task force about appraisal reform.

As I listened — Pauken, who is from DALLAS — was quite glum.  He pined for Ronnie.  Several times.  No mention of Ronnie’s protege, GW.  He called his own cocky.

Garnet is hopeful.  The races were close. (Gary is actually a little wordy, but Garnet gets more time.) He brings up the child health insurance issue.

David asks Pauken about DeLay as a reason for the Republicans’ losses and Pauken answers with references to Goldwater and Reagan.

Garnet — “turnabout is fair play” He recalls Jim Wright, and then says one of the most accurate — and funny points about DeLay and Newt — I quote, “It turns out they were the pigs in Animal Farm. That they were no different.”

He’s right that DeLay became the poster child for the Republicans in Congress. 

Amazingly, Pauken only mentions Bush once — when he said anti-Bush.  Pauken also repeats the myth that Democrats have no ideas — this while sitting next to a man virtually spilling over with ideas.

Garnet is a good guy.  He’s not my rep, but I’m glad he’s on our team.  Pauken isn’t a bad guy, but at the end of the program he did that typical Republican shift to robo-republican.  Garnet stayed the same throughout.  And my god the man has more of an accent than I do — even when I am tired or drunk.  What a drawl for a Houstonian!

It’s a very good program.  Here’s a linkto their page on KUHF’s website.  Usually they are only on one Friday a month, but they’ve been on every Friday since October.  I’ll miss them if they go back to the old schedule.