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It’s Just Hot

There is nothing I can do right now but protect the plants I have in the ground.  This drought is hard.  I can imagine what it must be like in the horror that is east Africa at this point.

I admire PBS for not just focusing on the debt ceiling debate.

One of my old students from Mali stopped by today.  I encouraged her to come back to our program.  I hope she does.

I heard today about people who are willing to go into nuclear disasters like what is happening in Japan.

I think that there are bigger problems in the world than just voting to raise the debt ceiling.

What a nothing burger to get all knotted about.  What a waste of time that the Teabaggers have caused.  They are a loud minority and they don’t even have a clear point, but to destroy this nation simply because there is a half black man in office.


I Should Have Taken Pictures

I made a little dinner tonight.  It was a variant of a recipe that is in The Eating Well New Favorites Cookbook.

My little fingerling eggplants had fruits, so I made an open faced pseudo-Eastern Europen thingy.

First, I picked the eggplant.  This was problematic because the oks (outside kittens) thought it was dinner time.  It wasn’t.   Poor babies are so hot, but they do have the haven of the aquagarage and the space under the house for relief.

Then I picked a few little cherry tomatoes, a few plum tomatoes, and some peppers.

I went back out and fed the OKs and picked off some oregano.

I chopped up the eggplant and salted it in a colander and let it sweat out.

In a small bowl, I crushed the feta cheese, added the fresh oregano and some olive oil and lemon juice.  That all went in the fridge.

I chopped the tomatoes and peppers.

After an hour, I rinsed the salt off the eggplant and squeezed out the moister.  I sauteed the fresh peppers in olive oil, then added the eggplant and tomatoes.  I only had the heat on  for a few minutes.

I put the wokked stuff in the fridge.

To serve, I put the feta mix on a slice of bread then dribbled the eggplant mix on top.

Things I bought:

olive oil, bread, feta, lemon juice

Things from the garden:

eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, oregano

That looks like balance.

There Are No Poor People Here

Let’s  say you live in an apartment where they have central air, is that common or uncommon?  Depending on where you live, that might make or break a rental deal.

According to the Heritage Foundation, having A/C means you are fake poor.  Given that it is impossible to live in certain parts without A/C, and that some do live that way, it doesn’t deter the Heritage types nor talk radio types from harping on the poor.

The Heritage’s con conclusions are questionable at best.  I looked at the raw material and saw no income means testing.

The take away is that if poor people somehow live in an apartment with A/C, access to a washer and dryer, and perhaps bought a used phone or playstation — or better yet, had it given to them via CHARITY, they are not really poor.and live in your car.  No wait, you have to sell your car.  You have to be Africa poor, you know what I mean, no utilities living in a hut in the desert poor to be poor in AMERICA.

To recap, Heritage took some numbers that I would beg you to come to the same realization from, to whack the truly poor in our nation.  Oh and those who advocate for them

Oh and before you can claim to be poor you have to sell everything you have.

Turning the Titanic

I’m finally moving away from wingnut talk radio.  It’s run it’s course when NPR and the PBS Newshour mention teabaggers more than they do.

Bill Bennett still reminds us for years that he was in the Reagan administration, never pointing out that he has been out of a position to make much of anything for quite a long time.  Why didn’t he destroy his own job at the Department of Education when he could have?  A question never to be answered.

Joe PagLIARulo subs for Glenn Beck and only has one ball, but he recycles his show so much it makes me think that guy is lazy.  Same songs, same lingo, same thing day after day.  For those on laxative, I guess it’s reassuring.  Otherwise, “livin’ the dream” and “get off my phone” coming from a lazy ass WATB is too much to take.

And then there is Michael Berry.  Did someone tell the new guy that the “voice” of Texas radio is actually a state senator?  KTRH and KPRC radio are so screwed up that the Martini guy is going for the FOX model.  Which isn’t working out to well.

Michael Berry is good for making sure that you know 1) people got their mug shots in Obama t-shirts (old) 2) every person that he has a problem with is BLACK 3)he is much more entertained by himself than anyone else is.  Any wonder why the morning show takes more calls than he does?

Sorry no links, bu this will tell more than I can say.  Only problem is that Rick Perry is not included.  Michael Berry has fluffed that man for years, but now expects his listeners to believe he has no horse in the race.  Right.

Mitt Romney
“Governor Romney offers his prayers to all victims of child abuse. The tragedy of the death of a small child shocks all decent Americans.”
— Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom, in an email to Ben Smith.

Sarah Palin
Once again we see, with our nation in crisis, President Obama stands by and does idly nothing while an injustice is committed here in this glorious nation of ours. It’s almost strange that the president has not yet made one statement on the issue of the death of young Caylee Anthony. Why the strange silence, Mr. President?
— Sarah Palin
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Newt Gingrich
tragic to see justice not served. now is a great time to screen my and @CallyGingrich film Rediscovering God in America
51 minutes ago via web

Herman Cain
“I can promise you Casey Anthony and anyone else who I think might’ve killed their children will have no business in a Herman Cain administration. President Cain would look her right in the eyes and ask her point blank if she killed that little girl, we’d get right to the bottom of it.”
— Cain, addressing a Tea Party group in Iowa.

Michele Bachmann
BACHMANN: Well, I’ve been visiting all the primary states, and I’ve been talking to people, and people all over the place are asking me, why, in Barack Obama’s America, someone who murders a baby who happens to be white doesn’t get punished. And Sean, I’ve been on the front lines, and I know people are afraid not just of the massive debt created by the Pelosi-Reid government, they’re worried about the Muslim Brotherhood, which has clear ties to terror groups dedicated to creating a worldwide Islamic caliphate, and they’re worried that Eric Holder’s Justice Department isn’t going to do anything about it if the Brotherhood or another group comes for their children.

HANNITY: Very interesting stuff. Thanks for coming on, Congresswoman. We always appreciate it.

BACHMANN: Thanks, Sean.


From now until I decide differently, this blog will be about the garden, cats, and pups.

That is all.

I have a prediction — Houston radio edition

I read this at the Chronicle:

Denver talk show host Lois Melkonian tells the Denver Post she has left KOA-AM in that city to take a position in Houston, reportedly with Clear Channel Communications, but specifics remained unconfirmed Thursday.

Melkonian did not return a phone call placed through her agent, Clear Channel Houston GM Eddie Martiny is on vacation and unavailable for comment and AM operations director Bryan Erickson failed to return a telephone call and an e-mail seeking details on the report.

Melkonian hosted The Ride Home on the Clear Channel-owned station with Broncos play-by-play announcer Dave Logan, and a Denver radio chat board reported that Melkonian would land at KTRH (740 AM), one of Clear Channel’s three AM stations in Houston along with KPRC (950 AM) and KBME (790 AM).

KTRH’s only local slots at the moment are its morning news block from 5 to 9 a.m. and Michael Berry’s show from 5 to 7 p.m. (pending Astros pre-emptions). KPRC (950 AM) airs San Antonio host Joe Pagliarulo from 6 to 9 a.m. and Michael Garfield, Outlaw Dave and Berry from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Melkonian came to Denver in 2005 after working at several stations in California, including KGO-TV and KCBS-AM in San Francisco, where she was a member of the station’s news team that won a Peabody Award for its coverage of the Loma Prieta earthquake.

I’m thinking she will replace one or the other of the morning news readers, Lana or J.P.  Both have been around for a very long time, and instead of continuing to pretend like they are still actually reporting news (as opposed to mouthing wingnut talking points), I could see how one or the other or both of them would want to retire.

One thing I can’t see is KTRH or KPRC breaking up their week day monopoly of white male talkers.   That’s not gonna happen.

I mean seriously, Michael Berry has expanded to San Antonio, Baton Rouge, and Portland!  What’s next?  Little Rock?

This past week I listened to the news waiting to hear of a massive ICE raid at Reliant Stadium or of crime spiking in the area as Michael Berry  had related on his show.  (Remember, he didn’t really say anything like that.   Some “Hispanic” law enforcement officer said it to him and he was just repeating it.)  Nothing of the kind happened.  Should Michael Berry lose some credibility over this?  Certainly.  Will he?  Nope.  This sort of thing just increases his creds.  Just like whining about having too many listeners does.  His fans are like opened mouth fish on a feeding frenzy.  They want more!

This new lady from Denver is not going to get a “talk show.”  She’ll either be a “news” anchor or a reporter.  That’s my prediction.

Rain, finally rain

The garden and yard look good after the rain. My new favorites — the eggplants — did something funny in a funneling type way and the  grasshopper who had stationed itself on one of the sunflowers was gone.

We need more rain.

Harry is still gone.

I’m still too busy to post about politics.   Michael Berry hasn’t done anything more than claim he never said the n word on air, though it is well documented.  Michael Berry lies, is a liar is nothing new.

First Entry in Michael Berry’s New Assignment for His Listeners

Here we go!

Click image to see it bigger.

The person who posted the image is an old white bagger lady.  I’m sure she got it in an email from some other old white teabagger person.

It might carry more weight if it didn’t look so FAKE.

Keep trying Michael Berry followers!  There has got to be a time when you are in line behind a black person dressed all up in her nice clothes at the supermarket buying LOBSTER AND STEAKS.  Stop being such WEINERS and get it on video.  That way we can all know for certain, once and for all that all of the black people on WELFARE are cheats.

Seriously, it’s been EIGHT  DAYS and Michael Berry hasn’t produced anything but this.