Didn’t See That Coming

I’ve been regularly checking the weather since it’s monsoon season.  It’s looked like no rain for today, but then this happened:

It was really loud.  Everybody eventually hid.  Murphy’s out now surveying the yard.  Dora is not interested in going outside at all.  It’s about an hour later and there is still some hail in the yard.  That’s amazing because it’s been over 100 every day for a while now.


6 responses to “Didn’t See That Coming

  1. houston or zona? if i want to meet you in the near future?

  2. you’re in rhe zona place. next time i visit to the us, the place should be tucson. a good news is that takashi is getting with someone.

  3. getting with > getting married with

  4. getting with → getting married with

  5. Hey Keigo!

    I forget to check the blog sometimes for months or weeks. Takashi is getting married? YaY! Tell him I said congratulations!!!!!

    How are you? Things here suck and I want to go back to Houston. Unfortunately, I can’t right now.

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