First Day of Vacation from Both Jobs

Some things I got done include my poor excuse for decorating.  This is the before picture:



Here are the after pictures:



I had to take the old stuff off.  It left a gummy residue, but I had an English(!) made razor holder handy to take care of it easily.



I’m going to dye the sofa and chair cushions, along with the patio door curtains tomorrow.  They will hopefully be a shade of tangerine, to go along with the theme I seem to have created.  It will be my first time dying anything, but I have good instructions and an extra washing mashing to do it in.



Von’s paintings are just elegant and I am very happy to have them.


And yes, that is an actual brick wall, thank you for asking.  How did I attach those pretties to the wall?  Well it took some research, but I found these:


They seem to be working despite one of them coming loose.  I will post pictures of the bathroom decorating tomorrow.


One response to “First Day of Vacation from Both Jobs

  1. The things you’ve done look really really nice, I like the colors. & it’s so cool seeing Von’s paintings on the wall.
    Also, it’s good to have Calle V back.

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