Russian Drivers: Two Views

What with the meteor and all, here we go!

First here and the context.


2 responses to “Russian Drivers: Two Views

  1. hey, those crazy lovable Russkies!!! I think my faves are the one of the poor backhoe driver who manages to slowly wreck 7 or 8 cars; the sheep (hello! goodbye!); the black van that looks like it’s deliberately trying to target the pedestrians; the white car that’s trying to cut in line and gets itself stuck on the railing (shades of Tealita coming out of Kroger’s!); the way the guys in the car just laugh and laugh at the motorcyclist who weaves in and out of traffic & then vaults right into a fence; and of course, the drunk pedestrian who flags down the car and lies on the hood … this was great … and it’s weird to find oneself laughing at stuff that would keep me off the street for weeks if it ever happened to me!

  2. oh, and the fabulous juxtaposition of the blase Russians who just keep on driving as the sky falls down around them and those guys in Brooklyn who sound like they are seriously wetting their trousers!!! (look at the tree!!! look at the tree!!!) ha ha ha ha ha

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