Dora Ducks

This morning, Dora and I went to the Buffalo Bayou Walk.  At first, she didn’t get it and was a little scared.  That ended when she took a poop just outside the UHD sustainability garden.

Here’s the pics and vids:

More tomorrow!


4 responses to “Dora Ducks

  1. 😀 Dora could make it.

  2. Dear Michelle I have some news. This week I got my Internship…actually I got two internships: one was in the consulate in Houston, and the other was in China. Well I chose China because in Houston they pay nothing, and I want to improve my mandarin. I think this is a great opportunity because I will work in a chamber of commerce “Colombo-China”. Then, I am going to work in China for six months before I graduate from University. I am very excited but also scared, because that country is very different.

    Well I guess I have to postpone my trip to USA :S

    My best wishes for you and Dora. <3. kisses and Hugs 🙂

    Take care.

    • Oh my. Please stay safe. I am so proud of you!

      You know I am always here for you.

      Stay safe, and I know you will do well. I can still see your shining face, so confident and sure of yourself.

      Please stay in touch.

      You are a wonderful person 🙂

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