Debate Open Thread

I love Denver.

I’ll probably watch PBS.

Here we go!


15 responses to “Debate Open Thread

  1. Will Romney finally mention the wars?

  2. Already with the traitor talk. Small business will leave!

  3. Jim’s gonna have to do better with his questions.

  4. Middle income Americans have been buried. Does that count as a zinger?

  5. Shorter Mitt: BIG GOVERNMENT

  6. WUT? Mitt wants to cut taxes for the middle class how? And any tax cut for the middle class is also a cut for his class?

  7. Obama goes BOOM on taxes.

  8. Mitt still cannot talk about the wars.

  9. I guess my friends won’t join me.

    I’ll just watch for now.

  10. Christopher Brauer

    It was a surprisingly amiable debate. At times one could almost forget they were opponents. They both did a great job but offered few specifics.

  11. I’m not surprised at the tone. Hopey is a good guy and Rmoney did try his best to be an asshole.

  12. Hopey used quite a few numbers — specifics. Rmoney used a number that was a lie. But Jim and Hopey let that lie slide, so point Rmoney.

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