When It’s Just Murphy and Me and Tammy if She Makes It

We will move north.

While I really liked Denver, I couldn’t sleep there.  I liked Cambridge better.  I don’t even have to stay in the US.  I think Murphy and Tammy and I could make a go of it in the great white north.  Tammy is a bear and Murphy is an all weather pup.  I can survive anything.

I’m pretty sure I could find a job.


2 responses to “When It’s Just Murphy and Me and Tammy if She Makes It

  1. Dear Michelle

    I want to know how are you and how is everything in your life for example Do you still have all of your pets?. Do you still give English Classes at the University of Houston Down-town?

    I hope that Everything is going well.

    I know I don´t use to wtrite you so often but I never forget you.

    I haven´t come back to USA since I met you, but I hope to do it soon. Actually I am looking for and Intership there, so I can practice my English (because I haven´t practice it for 5 years) and I can see again those nice people like you.

    So if I find a Company that gives me the oportunity, see you soon.

    kisses and hugs. take care.

    • I remember you 🙂 You are a very sweet girl.

      I am doing well and still teaching.

      I still have all of my pets — everyone is fine — just getting older.

      You should write to me here more often. I check it every few days.

      I hope you can come back here.

      You know, I still use your research paper as a very good example of someone who did a great job!

      I would love to see you again.

      Take care,

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