Christians Acting Like Christians — International Edition

Yes, those who proclaim their Christianity behave similarly, no matter where you find them.  In Egypt, Christians pelt Hilliary with tomatoes and shout the name “Monica.”  It doesn’t even make sense.  Our government is supporting all Egyptians, not just one group.  And how is Monica Hillary’s fault?

Of course, this behavior comes as no surprise.  Our local Christians aren’t much better.

But this behavior comes despite the outreach to the Egyptian Christians.

In the end, it is always the same:  religion is a club — in both ways — one to belong to and one with which to pound others who are not in your club.

5 responses to “Christians Acting Like Christians — International Edition

  1. off-topic … Yay Mexico! (silver in the synchronized women’s diving)

  2. The problem is extremism not Christianity. Extremism be it Christian, Muslim, Liberal, Conservative is the problem it is not those things themselves but rather the polarization to such a degree that one drowns out any other view.

  3. Since I posted this, it turns out to be political. Do you support what Michele Bachmann is doing?

  4. I cannot say I know what Michele Bachmann is doing, so it is not possible to say I support it or not. My comment was about the difference between mainstream and extremism in just about any group. A local PTA can have its extreme elements.

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