Weak Sauce

I don’t know if this sort of thing will continue to November.  If it does, it makes wingnuts look weak.

First it was Mitt Romney, as a FATHER, an adult, strapping his dog to the top of the family car.

Wingnuts fight back with ‘Obama ate dog’ .  It makes a difference that he was a kid and someone fed it to him.

Next, we find that Mitt Romney led a posse to forcibly pin down a classmate and cut the guy’s hair — because the guy wasn’t conforming.  At the time, Romney was old enough to go fight in Vietnam.  Romney claims not to remember anything about it and offers a weasel apology — the If anyone was offended type of apology.  Weak. Sauce.

Rush Limbaugh “fights” back with a story from Obama’s own book, where he, Obama, admits pushing a girl in middle school.  The book has been out for a long time.  The only people who are surprised by any of these revelations are wingnuts.

The  take away:  wingnuts are remedial readers, at best.


One response to “Weak Sauce

  1. I’m still laughing about the contrast between John Kerry volunteering (twice!) and serving in combat in Vietnam while Mittens was bicycling about in Paris (Paris!!! such a hellhole!!! oh, the humanity!!!) … Mittens with a beret & a baguette, having to suffer the mockery of the bemused French (what ees zees? golden tab-lettes heeden in zee forests for zillions of years???) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … vive La France!

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