A Transformational President

It’s not just what he said today.  It’s everything about his presidency.

It’s recognizing just what Hillary and Tim Geithner could do.

It’s seeing so much of what Bill Clinton agreed to finally, slowly undone.

It’s Smart Power, not only abroad, but also in many ways, here at home.

I’m really proud of my president.  It’s been a long time since I have felt that way.

It’s still just sinking in.  A great man.  A great family.  I’m so proud.


One response to “A Transformational President

  1. I agree one hundred percent! In my lifetime the presidents who I’ve most admired were undone by historical circumstances they couldn’t control (LBJ & the war in Vietnam, Jimmy Carter & the long-delayed blowback of Iran’s revolution against the Shah). President Bush & co-President Cheney drove this country as close to destruction as it has been since the Civil War and yet President Obama has been able to halt the worst aspects of the freefall (both in the financial sector and in Iraq), and stabilize or reverse the social rot brought on by the constant attacks of the most retrograde factions of the Republican Party. He has taken the fear out of a very perilous state of affairs and has indicated the way forward, while not once doing what the Republicans cannot seem to stop doing, which is accusing anyone who disagrees with them of being unpatriotic (they are like a baby with a rattle … sound and fury signifying nothing more than a wet diaper). It’s a wonderful feeling to be really proud of the leader of one’s country and especially knowing it’s not a carefully constructed myth, a la President Reagan.

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