Different Bucket Lists

My mom (whom I’m done with, but who serves as a good punching bag for me, much like I had for her and my family for almost 50 years — and I mean that figuratively and literally) has a bucket list of visiting all 50 states.   She and my sister think I want to go see a baseball game in St. Louis or take a cruise for a family reunion.

For me, that’s all meh.

My bucket list is different:  I want to swim with sharks and vacation on the moon.

Tonight, 60 Minutes had a guy on who might just make that happen.  I also know that Sir Branson is also in this race.

I’d also like to go back to Latvia and to finally see Russia.  Of course, I would love to live my last days back home somewhere in Africa.


One response to “Different Bucket Lists

  1. Many good posts! I’ll get back to commenting soon, but you know I always check in … I saw that the woman who founded (or co-founded) ‘Heal Africa’ to help women who had been abused during the civil war in Congo passed away. A good example of a well-lived life …

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