I Got My Sole Rebels!!!!

I ordered a pair of too-toos like this, and a pair of slip-ons like this.

One of my students loves shoes and we have been talking about my getting these for some time.  When I wore the too-toos the first time, she agreed they were cute.  I told her that I was getting another pair today (the Fed-Ex person left a signature sticker yesterday).  She showed me her new slip-ons, but I asked her if she knew who made her shoes, and that I could show her who made my shoes because there are pictures of the women who did on the internet.  She laughed, and I did, too.    She’s from Africa (I won’t say where), and she knows how much I love that place.

It makes me think.  I now know many young women and young men from Africa — mostly from the western part, but from many places.  Perhaps I will do what another person I know is planning to do — once all of her current pups have crossed over the bridge, she plans to move there.

I think I would love to do that, too.  It would be going home.


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