I Should Have Said Something

This evening I went to Kroger’s — over on 11th Street.  As I manuvered my cart over to get coffee, there was a little girl, her mom and a fat woman blocking the aisle.  The mom was trying to turn her cart around.  That and the fat woman were the problem.  The little girl wasn’t.

And yet,  the mom scolded the little girl as she tried to turn her cart, telling the child not to touch her mouth, that it was nasty.  The little girl visible shrank and just followed behind her mother.   I said nothing.

I ran into them again, and the little girl was still walking dutifully behind her mother.

I wish I would have said something to the little girl.  I was that little girl so many years ago.  Doing something that really wasn’t a problem, but my mom was causing a problem and for her to save face,  it’s all on me.

I wish I could judge when to act and when not to.

Here’s an example of someone who made the right judgment.



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