This Shit is Serious

You know Clear Channel is shaking in its boots when they pull both Michael Berry’s Facebook and Twitter spots.  (Clear Channel makes their personalities flog those two links like nothing else.)

I wouldn’t be surprised if the man is wiped clean from the KTRH site by the morning.  You know, like Clear Channel did with Chris Baker 🙂

This couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.


2 responses to “This Shit is Serious

  1. Seriously HILARIOUS !

    First winger defense – “he wuz there to see Shirley Q Liquor” (so it’s ok to hit+run i guess). But check the TC’s website – no mention of the odious Ms Liquor performing there NYE, or ever.

    Did you hear the little troll whining about “IRANI’s” and “PAKI’s” the other day ? He is such a nasty piece of work.

    • Yes, I agree on all counts.

      This is the funniest thing that could have ever happened to him.

      I think there is enough outrage about the DA not charging him — what with the strong appearance of political privilege –that they will have to reconsider and hopefully he will get smack with the full strength of the LAW.

      Did you hear him going on about how white people should teach “inner city kids” like they do their own? I guess he means that they should 1) make good buddies with the cops 2) run faster when you break the law and 3) call in more chits when you get caught lying or acting suspiciously. According to Michael Berry’s example, those “inner city kids” just aren’t good enough at not getting caught.

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