Amazingly, the Republicans Kept Their Own in Line

It probably helped that the conservative SCOTUS people skipped it.  I’m sure they had better things to do.

The old white guys on the channel I was watching immediately complained about taxes.  Sigh.  Poor little old white guys pay more in taxes that most people earn from their labor.  When will this get old?

It’s clear that they only listened to what applied to them.  It’s also clear that they think everyone listening to them are JUST LIKE THEM when it is clear that is not true.

Mitch (Arab) Daniels was just terrible.  I can’t believe that he said that the president’s family was an “example that was needed” or some such.  Oh, really Mitch, given your family issues?  Really?  Perhaps all blacks should follow your model.  ASSHOLE.


One response to “Amazingly, the Republicans Kept Their Own in Line

  1. Yes, Mitch Daniels was just awful. Apart from the fact that his make-up made him look like Calvin Coolidge (all he was missing was a straw boater), I kept muttering at him every time he’d bring something up that the Prez had already covered that in his speech …. very poorly prepared … what is it with the Republicans and their “responses”? … everyone of ’em has completely deflated the hype that had been built up around them (Jindal, Frog-in-his-throat Thompson, Daniels), and what could be an easier home-run than speaking directly into a camera from a prepared text … these guys have no ideas at all … I kept thinking that Hopey was about to kidnap their use of “restore America” and give it a more hopeful twist, instead of the sinister use the GOPpers have made of it (when they talk about restoration I know that they mean ‘let’s drag ourselves back to a time when an African-American would not even have the temerity to imagine he could run for the highest office in the land’) …. When Republicans talk about “restoring” America it has all the appeal of “the south will rise again” …
    oh, and the President’s “crying over spilt milk” joke was so corny it was sweet … I bet Michelle told him not to do it!

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