Hope Nobody Has a Gun

I said no again to the student who failed and wanted to get promoted anyway.  She even brought he brother.

My family is broken but my mom wants to go eat at a steak restaurant.  I know there was a gun in the house when I was younger.  I don’t want to meet my mom this weekend.  Call it avoiding making the news, if you know what I mean.  I think we need a weekend cooling off period.  I know I do.

I got the bed made for the most part.  It took a lot out of me since I didn’t use a square at first.  I had to dig it again.  I got the persimmon in and will get the last 14 pavers to finish the bed tomorrow.

And pictures.


I’m just tired after all of the digging.

I’m still checking up on Jewel even though I can’t get the live cam here at the house like I can at work.  I just keep up on the Facebook page.  I hate Facebook, but I am glad it is here for this.


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