The New Year Begins

The lettuce.

Little tomato plant.

A little beet spout.

Another little beet sprout.



Oh, and some beans.

Fat Toes on the deck.

Baby on the compost bin.

It’s the carrots.  There are some smaller sprouts and I planted some more seeds.

I’ll add more later.



2 responses to “The New Year Begins

  1. Cabbage!! And kitty-helpers!!
    Watching the Iowa epic … pretty funny & pathetic … Wonkette has been slathering at the possibility of Santorum winning just so they can make fun of him … lots of nasty pretend headlines (“Santorum in three-way with old man and Mormon” etc.) ….
    Good to be back at work all in all … I’ll probably see ya on Thursday but will try & give ya a buzz tomorrow ….

  2. Thursday is good. I figured out that I asked for 7 days, so tomorrow is my last day off. I’m going to cook!

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