I realized who I had asked

During the long and tortuous grading process, I asked, near the end of it, for one of my colleagues to just shoot me.

The one I asked turned and asked me why.  I said it was from a movie, and briefly told him about They Shoot Horses Don’t They.  Here’s a link to the movie:


It’s how I’ve felt for the most part about the situation at work.  On every level, I have been worn down to the point that I cannot understand how wrong people can be to each other.   Sometimes absolutely nothing gets through.

I get a small thanks every one in a while, and that helps.

Anyway, I was surprised to find how many of my male coworkers I had asked to just shoot me and how often.  Perhaps given the movie reference was a help.  The three of them were very kind to me after discovering they were not alone in the request.  They have a new guy club I guess.


One response to “I realized who I had asked

  1. ha ha …..

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