My Camera Has Died, But I’m O.K.

Looks like I will be searching for a new non-Chinese made camera now.  Wish me luck!

I wanted to take pictures of the sweet potatoes I dug up this morning.  Ever reliable Roberto came along and took some on his phone, so I will post them when he gets them to me.

I apologized to the lovely sweet potato plant as I cut off its vines and dug up its roots.  It had been a real trooper — the only plant that had survived the heat of this past summer, the drought, and the fence falling on it.  It had even bloomed some perfectly beautiful purple flowers.  However, it was time.  The slightly cold weather the past week had turned its leaves brown, and though I hated to do it, I had to get the potatoes out of the ground.

There were more of them and of a larger size than I had expected.  It took me a while to carefully extract them, but it was a great experience.

They sit in a bucket in the kitchen now.  I’ll clean them up and put them in a box or two to cure tomorrow.  I’ll make some yam casserole for Christmas dinner!

Roberto and I planted some beets and carrots, and composted the sweet potato vines that I didn’t bury.  Then we had some borscht I made with the beets from last winter.  Tasty!

I’m going to focus on beets, lettuce and carrots this winter/fall since I had success with them last year.  If the squash I planted do well, then that’s all the better.  I’ve got four plants going now.  I also planted some fennel.  I’ll work with them better this year than I did last.

I’m going to start onions in the utility room — bulb, multiplying and leeks — perhaps I will have success.  I’d sure like some to make so I can use them for soup.

The next few days are suppose to be rainy and cold.  I’m good with that.  I’m dehydrating fruit to make little bags for my co-workers, like I did last year.  The cool thing is that the dehydrator is a pretty good heater as well.  And yes, I planned it that way, just like I planned to make puppy cookies while it is cold, so the oven can heat up the house.  I hope to bake those cookies all winter long and freeze them in batches.  I don’t know if I can keep up with the pups’ appetite for them, but I will try.

Today was a good day.  Tomorrow will be too.


2 responses to “My Camera Has Died, But I’m O.K.

  1. I’ll getcha the pictures as soon as I figure out how to do it … the borscht was delicious! … the thing about borscht is that no 2 bowls ever taste exactly the same but they’re all good … it’s like an endless variation on one delightful theme … oh, and if there happen to be any surplus sweet potatoes lying about, I know a place where they would find a good home (hint hint!)

    • Of course there will be plenty. I’m not going to take or make any for xmas or anything. I think we should enjoy what comes out of the garden first, and then if there is any left over, I’ll take some to mom’s. According to her, my bro’s garden is far more prolific than mine. Second place again!

      Perhaps what I will do is bake them all up and mash them and then freeze them. Then we can share easily.

      The cabinets arrived today. The boxes were sprawling on the side stoop. I hauled them in and put together the smaller one while watching a program on PBS about the fledgling Texas olive oil industry. It is BEAUTIFUL. I’ll need your help to put the bigger one together.

      I’m re-thinking my kitchen renovation plan. I’m so excited. Perhaps we can make it happen next fall . . .

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