My Kitchen is Crappy

I’ve been kind of slow on remodeling my old house.  One bathroom is in good shape, the other, not so much.   I’ve still got sheet rock damage from Ike that I haven’t repaired — first because I can’t do it my self and second because it would involve dealing with the pups to get someone else to do it.

Today, I got inspired and now have a plan for the kitchen.

As of now, I have little counter space and what there is happens to be burnt orange (ugh).  The cabinets are old and gray.  The pantry is hard to get to because of the refrigerator, and the stove has no ventilation hood, so all of the cooking grease and fumes get sucked up into the return air, which for some unknown reason is in the kitchen.

Well, I took a little time and planned out a kitchen renovation.  I now know what I want and have ordered the first parts — mostly because they were close-outs and I really liked them.

And it looks now like I bought the last one!

Here’s the other close out cabinet I bought:

They were both made in America.  I plan to buy a microwave cart and a kitchen island from them as well.

The only stationary thing will be the cabinet for the sink.  I may buy it premade or see if I can have one built for me.

I want to cover the floor with a green tinted quartzite.

I’m just so worn out from work, this is the best I can do for a post right now.



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