Good Luck in Your New Life, Little Bit. I Love You.

I let her guide our walk this morning.  It was our last together.  She ignored all of the little friends she has made in her walks — or maybe they were all still sleeping since it was around 7:00 a.m.  We took her normal morning circuit, and then she led me off into the park.  It was full speed ahead until I turned us back toward the house.  Then we slowed way down.  That’s normal for her.

I will always remember that walk.

I will always remember her eating pecans in the backyard while I worked, and the bath I gave her last weekend.  I will always remember finding her on the table eating cat food one night when we were supposed to be watching tv together.

I will always remember how excited and sweet she was when we encountered little kids on our walks.  She wiggled like crazy, but she was always very gentle and gave them kisses.

I will always remember the little wild girl that turned into a perfect (or near perfect) flower of a girl.  Yeah, she liked flowers, too.

She had worn Murphy’s harnie all these weeks.  Luckily, I could make it small enough to fit her.  My last moment with her, I clicked one of Murphy’s old collars around her neck.  It was all I could give to her.  The only thing she might be able to keep.  Something that smelled like us.  It’s the one she’s wearing in this picture.  I hope the guys at the SPCA let her keep it.

Good Luck in Your Life, Little Bit.  I Love You.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!!!!!!1111!1111!

She’s already up on the SPCA website.


2 responses to “Good Luck in Your New Life, Little Bit. I Love You.

  1. This is a beautiful post for a beautiful girl … she looks so cute in the SPCA photo … I couldn’t really tell but it sure looks like she has the collar?

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