Today has been all about that.

Work this past week was brutal.  Next week won’t be much better.

I needed today.  I watered the garden and washed dishes.  Not much else.  The pups and kitten got a lot of attention.

I enjoy taking Little Bit for walks.  It has made me realize that I count on the pups just being happy with the front yard.   Little Bit goes to the SPCA next Saturday.  I have decided to encourage her good behavior and hope that any health problems she might have will be diminished given her glowing personality.  I will let her go, just as I have let the sadness of losing Junebug and Harry and Dot and Fanny go.  Mommy has been here for breakfast the last two days as has the tabby Tom — who isn’t really afraid of me any more.  I will trap that mofo and release him much like I did the other big bad-ass male.

This is a busy time of year.  There’s the garden and fixing the house and the four-footed ones and I need to practice cooking a turkey.  And then there is oil change and gas and cleaning the house.

I need another day.  Or a clone.  Or something


2 responses to “Decompression

  1. Here’s hoping this week will be a little less nuts than last week (even a little bit would help!) … but today ended on a good note … got a call from the vet as I was walking to the car & they got back the results from Stumpy’s surgery … they sent what they removed to the lab so they could check the borders & they came back totally clean, which means our fabulous vet got everything that was cancerous!!! … the countdown is now less than a week till our little flying bulldozer gets his staples out & the collar-from-hell can be ceremonially burned …

  2. I’m crying now.
    Way to go stumpy and Roberto.
    You guys rock.

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