It’s rained all day

and it was great.  The pups . . . all of them . . . have been very good.  I am currently filling Tammy and Murphy with their cookie quotient.

Little Bit was laundry girl today.  She definitely didn’t like the dry when it squealed its complete cycle.  The washer only bothered her a bit.  We went out for three walks — always when the rain had let up.  She’s even improved on her crate housekeeping.   By this evening, she wasn’t wet with her own pee (nor was anything else — she managed to pee in a laundry basket earlier).

Murphy danced in the rain yesterday evening and every time I let him out today.  He’s the ultimate all-weather pup, even though he was a bit jealous when he saw me walking her.  He’ll get over it.

I planted beets, onions, carrots, and rutabagas yesterday.  The lettuce I planted last Sat. has already come up.  Perhaps this fall/winter will be better to the garden than this past summer.  It wouldn’t take much.


One response to “It’s rained all day

  1. Yes, it was pretty fantastico! The kitty boys took turns staring out the window (in between nice long rainy day naps) …

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